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IcoFX 2.5

By Attila Kovrig  (Shareware)
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# New features:
- New simple interface icon set
- Image objects for easy icon creation
- "Create Android Icon From Image" dialog
- "Create iOS Icon From Image" dialog
- Option to apply effect/filters on all layers/images of an image/icon
- Undo/redo on all images of an icon (Shift+Ctrl+Z)
- Option to set the thumbnail background color of the Explorer panel
- Option to automatically detect if the palette should be changed or not
- Option to sharpen the images during batch process
- Ctrl + drag from the Explorer panel to the sidebar will open the image as a selection
- Layers can be rearranged in the sidebar
- Easier opening/saving of small image files
- Enhanced the "Welcome" window
- Enhanced the "Create Icon Form Image" dialogs
> Preview for the image formats
> Option to sharpen the images after resize
> Dialog will remember its settings
- [Fixed] Corrupted history when resizeing animations
- [Fixed] Crash when deleting icon images containing a selection
- [Fixed] Crash when undoing a cropped image containing a selection
- [Fixed] Open dialog froze occasinally on some system
- Minor enhancements and bugfixes