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Download Clean Space 7.13

Clean Space 7.13

By Mathew Limdonholk  (Freeware)
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Clean Space is a powerful professional utility for cleaning up your computer from electronic garbage and protecting your online privacy. When we say 'garbage' we don't mean the Recycle Bin icon on your Desktop! Real virtual garbage includes many more objects like cache of various programs and Windows OS, temporary internet files, logs, index.dat files, registry entries, and so on. Those objects are scattered everywhere on your computer, usually in hidden system folders, wasting gigabytes of disk space.

Also, Clean Space will protect your online privacy by cleaning up areas related to your internet browsing history, for example internet cookies files and the like. Thus, nobody will be able to find out what you did on the Web. Everything you do on your computer is recorded by Windows, no matter what you do - open some game, document, picture, or video. Any computer tech (a person from FBI) can easily say exactly when and what you did by analyzing computer logs, cache, and other items. These people can even recover deleted items to get a clear picture of your activities.

Clean Spacewill delete all those files and records - all personal tracks - that are stored unbeknownst to you and bear information about your recent activity. When Clean Space deletes those records, it makes them unrecoverable. Plus, it will remove cookie files and other things that may be used by web sites to track you online.

Title: Clean Space 7.13
Filename: setup_clnspc.exe
File size: 13.98MB (14,656,304 bytes)
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
Languages: Multiple languages
License: Freeware
Date added: September 6, 2017
Author: Mathew Limdonholk
MD5 Checksum: F8CB4AB7A64B1FBB1394E4856DD469A6

Added free SDelete tool.
In the left part of the list you'll see grayed and colored icons. Grayed icon means: no garbage. Colored icon means: that there is some garbage. Just one look and you know where is the garbage.
Now you will see "working" icon in front of each area which is currently being processed.
Long descriptions will be truncated, but you will see popup window with full information about every cleaned area.
Added new security algorithms for data deletion: USA air_force 5020 and CPRNG.
Corrected bug with the encoding during submission of feedback.
Procedures on the program startup was optimized. Startup of the program should be quicker.
Corrected problem with empty window which may appear after closing our program.
Many other small bugs fixed.

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