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A free malware removal and antivirus software

UsbFix is a malware/virus removal program that cleans and protects your PC and external hard drives as well as your PC registry. You check can all the files or folders on your USB or any type of memory sticks. The app can also detect threats on your computer. It comes with other useful features, including quarantine and vaccination. The latter will prevent future infection to your devices.

Fast detection

UsbFix offers many options when you need to scan your devices. You can do a full disk scan or check only internal disks. This process is incredibly fast - less than thirty seconds for any type of scan. It’s fast enough to leave a user wondering if the job was done. UsbFix has a different algorithm than a regular anti-virus software you use for PCs. Rest assured that it checks through all your files.

Installing this app is easy. After confirming the UsbFix download, it should launch automatically. Once loaded, the interface should tell you basic information about your computer, such as the number of users and disks. There aren’t too many buttons, but that makes it simpler to use. Make sure you check out some tutorials to know how the vaccination feature works.


Interface and usage

One thing you’ll notice right away is how small the UI is. It won’t resize, either, but that’s not a downside at all. The buttons and texts are large, making it easy to navigate. If you’re using an older version of UsbFix, the app will notify you with an update. The company has become a partner of Bitdefender, and it does advertise that. When you’re using the free version, this might be a little annoying as it takes up a lot of space.

Use the analysis to scan your hard drives. You have the options of analysing your PC and disk individually or all at once. What’s interesting is that each type of scan takes the same amount of time. UsbFix works with any device that can plug into your USB port. So, memory sticks, or pendrives, and external HDD can all be cleansed and protected.

The vaccination feature helps prevent your disks and computer from being susceptible to malware. UsbFix archives every known virus and makes sure your files won’t get infected with them in the future. This process doesn’t interfere with your data or reduce memory space.

UsbFix gives you a report of your device status after every scan. It contains analyses of all the scanned components and their results. You’ll see how many infected elements in each department of your device, if any. The app automatically stores these reports, so you don’t have to save them to your drive.

Performance and settings

UsbFix is very light on your hard drive. It doesn’t take up that much RAM during scanning or malware removal. The app can run in the background while searching for incoming threats. You won’t even notice that it’s there. One problem is that it’s difficult to confirm if the app is still active after a reboot. If you want to make sure, you’ll have to upgrade to the premium version.

There are only a few settings on this app, including the option to list all disks after a scan. Doing this allows you to see all the devices connected to your computer. The app offers much better settings when you upgrade to UsbFix premium. One of them is the automatic scan at Windows startup or when a disk is inserted.

When UsbFix detects a threat, it will quarantine the infected file until you decide what to do. The procedure is similar to a standard anti-virus software. The cleaning process is a little different. If you choose to clean a file, the app will close every other window and active programs. Keep in mind that most often, the infected files will get deleted. If you wish to remove malware while keeping the file, there are certain coding you’d have to do. Depending on your current version, UsbFix may not be compatible.

Support and guides

The developers offer a lot of support as well as helpful tutorials to improve your experience. Access forums and various communities directly from the UsbFix interface to learn from your peers. If you need extra help, there are technicians available, but they work on an appointment basis.

You can also choose to send anonymous data to the SOSVirus server to help them better analyse your devices. Doing that can improve the vaccination feature by adding another layer of protection to your files. The UsbFix algorithm is very sensitive, so extensions like Autorun will always get flagged. Autorun is not malicious by default, but a third-party program can use it to trigger a virus. The safest way to deal with these files is to remove them.


You’ll find a lot of UsbFix functions on other similar programs like USB Security Disk or MCShield. Both of these behave in almost the exact same ways as UsbFix. Because of that, it’s hard to tell which of them is the best. One thing to keep in mind that USB Security Disk has higher user ratings than either of the other two.

Reliable protection

UsbFix is appealing in its simplicity. If you’re tired of all the fancy AV software that ask you to upgrade more than doing what it’s supposed to, it’s time to switch. This app does exactly what it promises and no less. It has two operative buttons and needs only a few minutes to complete its tasks.

Compare this to any standard antivirus that has tons of different functions and hours of scanning for the same result. The amount of time you save is enough to decide that UsbFix is a better choice.



UsbFix Free 11.048 for Windows
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows XP,
  • Windows Vista
Latest update:
Wednesday, December 22nd 2021

UsbFix Free for PC



User rating10


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