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A fan-made Pokemon game

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a free-to-play fan-made game of the Pokemon franchise. The title offers a unique experiment to fans of the series, allowing you to combine any of the Pokemon with each other. This game mechanic has limitless potential, as there are no limits on what you can merge together.

There are many other great alternatives for your Windows PC if you like Pokemon. Pokemon: Revolution and Pokemon: Crystal Clear offer a fan-made experience with new stories in the series's world. Pokemon World Online is a fan-created title that brings an MMO aspect to the game.

Unofficial fan game

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a game created by a fan and isn't official or canonical to the story. While newer Pokemon titles have introduced mega evolutions and alternative versions of Pokemon, the game's core mechanic has never been used officially.


However, this fan creation is unburdened by rules that most Pokemon games follow, letting it create an exciting story. 

Combine Pokemon

The game's core concept is combining your Pokemon, mixing two different ones together to power them up. Mixing your team will change their types, moves, EV and IV stats, and their nature. Depending on what they are merged with, it may affect your entire strategy in battle. Fortunately, Google can help you decide on the best combinations.

In total, there are over 170,000 different combinations of Pokemon available. Unfortunately, the graphics for these combinations are not the best, as each one merges parts with the other. However, this allows for some wacky and creative pokemon to be created by your merging. Creating a new creature will often cause a momentary pause as you figure out how the new team's update will function in your strategy.

A new spin

Pokemon Infinite Fusion offers a unique experience for fans of the Pokemon series. If you've ever wanted to make your own creature or combine two together, this series lives up to those dreams. The title has near-limitless combination options, making each run of the game a new experience.

Unlike many fan-made pokemon games, you do not need an emulator installed before you download the title. As such, it may use GBA graphics but delivers an experience without the emulator or requiring other titles to run alongside it. The title is fully updated and works without any issues or game-breaking bugs. 



Pokemon Infinite Fusion for Windows
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 8.1,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 11
Latest update:
Friday, September 29th 2023


Pokemon Infinite Fusion for PC


User rating8


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