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Download HxD Hex Editor for PC Windows

HxD Hex Editor

By Maël Hörz  (Freeware)
User Rating

HxD Hex Editor is a well designed, rapid hex editor that handles files of any size. In addition you can work with raw disk editing and RAM modification.

HxD Hex Editor has a simple, easy-to-use interface that has lots of features, including checksums/digests, searching and replacing, exporting, insertion of byte patterns, concatenation or splitting of files, a file shredder, and statistics.

Key Features include:

  • RAM-Editor.
  • Edit the main memory.
  • Memory sections are tagged with data-folds.
  • Disk-Editor: hard disks, floppy disks, ZIP-disks, USB flash drives, CDs.
  • RAW reading and writing of disks and drives.
  • Supports Win9x, WinNT and higher.
  • Instant opening.
  • Up to 8EB; opening and editing is very fast.
  • Liberal, yet safe, file sharing with other apps.
  • Flexible and fast searching/replacing for several data types.
  • Checksum-Generator: Checksum, CRCs, Custom CRC, SHA-1, SHA-512, MD5.
  • File compare (simple).
  • Exporting of data to several formats.
  • Data types: text (including Unicode), hex-values, integers and floats.
  • View data in Ansi, DOS, EBCDIC and Macintosh character sets.
  • Source code (Pascal, C, Java, C#, VB.NET).
  • Insertion of byte patterns.
  • Splitting or concatenating of files.
  • Navigating to nibbles with Ctrl+Left or Ctrl+Right.
  • Visual Studio/Visual C++, WinHex, HexWorkshop.
  • Unlimited undo.
  • Graphical representation of the byte/character distribution.

Overall HxD Hex Editor is a useful app that leaves a small footprint, consumes little resources and has a simple interface to work with. It is fast and efficient, and it gives you greater freedom than you may get with other editors.

Title: HxD Hex Editor for PC Windows
Filename: HxDSetup.zip
File size: 2.95MB (3,088,313 bytes)
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
Languages: Multiple languages
License: Freeware
Date added: January 18, 2019
Author: Maël Hörz
MD5 Checksum: FDD83F282F7C159B55B00ABC63CB4ACD

New: "Save selection" command.
Enhancement: Give some save/open dialog more specific titles, than merely generic "save as"/"open".
Fix: Byte order handling / endianness in the datainspector:
Some datatypes have only one byte ordering, or need special handling because they really are a structure, instead of a simple byte array.
GUID is a structure made of several integers; each of those fields needs to be handled individually, instead of reversing the whole byte array.
DOS time&date and FILETIME are structures like GUID.
UTF-8 Codepoint has only one byte ordering, so no byte reordering should occur.
x86 instructions have only one byte ordering.
Fix: Store/restore proper docking of panels and toolbars, even if they are locked.
Fix: "Access Denied error after installation":
This also fixes the bug where settings made when HxD is launched as a last step of setup are lost.
Fix: "Issue remembering window size at multiple inputs":
This also fixes the problem where HxD would not restore its main window properly, when it was minimized through a click on the taskbar button beforehand, and restored by the "Open in HxD" menu entry in the Explorer context menu.
Fix: "Garbage when copying from hex panel in some files":
Fix: BytesToHex would produce overlong string (with garbage in the superfluous characters), when the only byte group is the leading partial byte group; in other words, when Count bytes are entirely in the leading byte group, and no other byte groups follow.
Fix: "Custom CRC triggers Range Check Error":
Fix: Configuration: make sure to properly handle signed integers up to 64-bit.
Fix: "System Error: The handle is invalid":
Fix: "Scrolling on Windows 10 tablet problem":
Fix: Enable gesture support (single finger pan) that was disabled due to a bug since Delphi XE 3 (or probably earlier, since they added touch support, and broke Windows' automatic support for legacy apps).
Fix: The Application/MainForm would not restore as it should when the MainForm was minimized by clicking the taskbar button.
Other minor fixes/minor cosmetic changes.

New translations:
Italian - Costantino Grana.
Polish - Pawel Porwisz.
Chinese Simplified - 何志翔.