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Free RPG road trip for Windows

Get in the Car, Loser! is a free lesbian road trip RPG for Windows from developer Love Conquers All Games. The game is directly influenced by visual novels, RPGs and beat 'em ups. It’s very cleverly put together as a road trip with a mission for the player. The graphics take their cue from classic JRPGs, but the battle mechanics are decidedly modern. 

The snappy writing brings out the personalities of the various characters, elevating them above stereotypical game characters. Due to the expletives that appear occasionally, this is a game for adults. Other great alternatives to try are Mystic Quest and Gachaverse.


Not satisfied with their own efforts to look edgy on internet forums, a group of ‘edgelords’ have embarked upon a wave of terror in their efforts to bring back the long-banished Machine Devil.


The Divine Order, the unseen power that governs the world, has decided that standing up to them will only create more chaos. Three students from the Academy of Order have teamed up with a renegade Angel from the Divine Order to take a stand when nobody else will.


The developer has created some uncommonly complex characters for a computer game, ensuring that this lesbian road trip isn't mere tokenism.

Instead, Sam Anon, Grace Morningstar, Valentin Vaillante and Angela have to deal with their own insecurities and work out their respective gender issues at the same time as saving the world.

Battle system

The game uses the active time battle system to move the fighting away from the classic turn-based format. It's a great tool that prevents the battle scenes from becoming boring.

Downloadable content (DLC)

Although Get in the Car, Loser! is free to download, you have the option of contributing to the developer's ongoing work before downloading.

However, if you pay up to a certain amount, you unlock the DLC, which gives you an additional playable chapter called Battle On The Big Boardwalk. It also gets you unlockable items like beach outfits for each character, extra equipment, and a super-powerful legendary sword that's even more versatile than the Sword of Fate.

Enjoyable content

Love Conquers All Games Has done an excellent job of representing very real issues in the form of a highly entertaining and well put-together game. Get in the car, Loser! is a game for any adult, whether it's taken at surface value or as a rallying cry for anyone who suffers from discrimination. 

Overall though, it's about fighting for love in all its forms.



Get in the Car, Loser! for Windows
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 8.1
Latest update:
Tuesday, November 2nd 2021
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Get in the Car, Loser! for PC

Love Conquers All Games(Free)

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