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Call of Duty: Black Ops - Beginning to a legendary series

Call of Duty: Black Ops, made by Treyarch and released by Activision in 2010, is a very popular title in the world of shooting games. This game keeps up with what people love about Call of Duty but also throws in some cool new stuff that has shaped how future games in the series are made. It is available on Windows.

Call of Duty: Black Ops gameplay, story and features

Black Ops sticks to the classic shooting game style that fans expect. Players get to be part of secret missions all over the world, from the U.S. to the Soviet Union, during a time when tensions were high. The story is gripping, with lots of twists and turns as you play as different soldiers.

The game keeps things interesting by mixing up the action. Sometimes you're sneaking around, other times you're in the thick of battle, or even flying a helicopter. Black Ops brings in new weapons like crossbows and knives that explode, making the fight even more fun.


Playing with others online is a big part of Black Ops. There are loads of maps and ways to play, from team battles to solo matches. You can make your weapons and character look different, showing off your style. There's even a mode where you can bet game money in matches.

Zombies mode is a fan favorite, where you fight waves of zombies with your friends or on your own. It's gotten even better since it first appeared, with more stories and special weapons that keep players coming back.

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How many GB is Black Ops 1 PC?

To play Black Ops on a computer, you need about 55GB of space. That's because the game has a lot of detailed places to explore, high-quality graphics, and lots of modes like multiplayer and Zombies.

How old is Black Ops 1?

Black Ops came out in 2010, over ten years ago. Even though it's been a while, the game is still loved by many. It's known for its exciting story, cool gameplay changes, and the start of the beloved Zombies mode.

Call of Duty: Black Ops has really made its mark with its interesting story, different ways to play, and strong online community. Even after a decade, it's seen as a classic in the Call of Duty line-up, showing how a good game can stand the test of time.



Call of Duty: Black Ops for Windows
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows Vista,
  • Windows XP
Available languages:
  • English,
  • German,
  • Spanish,
  • French,
  • Italian
Latest update:
Thursday, March 7th 2024

Call of Duty: Black Ops for PC


User rating8


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