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Resident Evil 16-bit demo

Bio Evil is a demo version of a 16-bit game for Sega Mega Drive and Genesis hardware. The developers from PSCD plan to make a full-fledged demake out of this Resident Evil-inspired project in the future.


An original outline

Bio Evil is a demake of the popular Resident Evil game for older consoles. It’s an original concept among SEGA games wrapped in a 16-bit design.

The developers are hoping to complete thedemo, which is currently available to the public for suggestions.

This isn’t only Resident Evil reimagined. However, it borrows a lot story- and atmosphere-wise from the original game, adding retro ingredients to the design.


In the spirit of this game, the controls are also relatively straightforward. You’ll use your joystick to move around and shoot enemies. Remember to equip your weapons and ensure you have ammunition to fight zombies and other monsters that come your way.

You’ll also run into puzzle elements of the game. They’re complex enough to give you a stop, but not impossible. If you explore the mansion long enough, the bits and pieces you find lying around, together with the hints in the text box above your screen, will tell a gripping story.

Graphics and design

Bio Evil looks realistic although it’s 16-bit, resembling a Fallout game in a more enclosed space. It gives you an isometric view of your environment, letting you walk through simply-designed rooms and explore the mansion layout.

It features a gloomy colour scheme to set an eerie atmosphere. Your enemies aren’t as frightening as in the original, but there are still exciting effects once you shoot them.

The sound design and background tunes reinforce the spooky ambience. It significantly improves the feeling of this horror demake.

A promising project

While it’s still early to tell how this game will look and feel once it’s finished, for now, it’s an exciting, authentic experience. Most indie gamers will immensely enjoy this popular game remake which keeps getting better with every addition the developers make.

Bio Evil 1 for Windows
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Thursday, August 27th 2020

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