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Download Vivaldi for Mac 1.11.917.39

Vivaldi for Mac 1.11.917.39

By Vivaldi Technologies  (Freeware)
User Rating

Vivaldi for Mac is a new, feature rich web browser that combines an Opera-like interface with a Chromium open-source platform.

Vivaldi for Mac is very similar to the Opera browser in many ways. There are some pretty cool features which are nice, like the interface which fades colours to match the dominant colour on the page, as you navigate between sites.

Aside form the snazzy effects, the browser has clearly been designed with power users in mind, as the Quick Commands tool shows. This helps the user to search or run commands in much the similar manner to OS X’s Spotlight feature.

Vivaldi for Mac supports browsing with mouse gestures, and the ever-familiar 'speed dial' interface, which shows your favourite tabs on the new tab page is also a great, albeit old, feature that is present in this new web browser.

Key Features include:

  • Quick Commands.
  • Tab Stacks.
  • Notes.
  • Adaptive Interface.
  • Spatial Navigation.

The layout of Vivaldi for Mac looks great too. Inside the left toolbar is the bookmarks menu, the (upcoming) Vivaldi Mail feature, a Contacts list, the Downloads menu and a Notes tool. There is a lot housed here, however the interface manages not to feel at all cluttered. Items are placed in logical places and are all kept small and out the way giving you a fresh, clean feel.

Overall, Vivaldi for Mac has a crisp, sharp-edged interface, which uses simple but effective fonts and icons. It is clearly aimed at power users as the different features and tools show. It is relatively small (for a browser) and is not that hard on system resources. If you feel like a change from Chrome, Safari or Opera then why not check it out!

Title: Vivaldi for Mac 1.11.917.39
Filename: Vivaldi.1.11.917.39.dmg
File size: 61.46MB (64,449,884 bytes)
Requirements: Mac OS X
Languages: Multiple languages
License: Freeware
Date added: August 10, 2017
Author: Vivaldi Technologies
MD5 Checksum: 654D9EF9BA454DD0635115A9F1631C35

Changelog from 1.10 to 1.11
New Features:
Reader mode configuration (VB-29002)
Configurable gesture sensitivity (VB-30408)
Disable GIF animations by setting (VB-16320)
Optional Speed Dial buttons (VB-13687)
Update Vivaldi application icon and Windows installer backgrounds (VB-29965)
[Mac] Add “Show|Hide” to View menu items (VB-28941)
[Mac] Gestures don’t work in Settings in a tab (VB-20258)
[Mac] Media crash (VB-29267)
[Windows] Context menu after gesture on SD page (VB-20743)
[Windows] “Open file with… ” message on start-up (VB-28604)
Address Field:
Ctrl+Z does not reverse cutting content (VB-29135)
Improve search in URL field for drop-down filtering (VB-18556)
Paste and go does not work if the address bar is hidden (VB-29759)
Sometimes deleted characters get autocompleted (VB-29692)
Text selection cursor position is wrong (VB-29755)
[Windows] Audio stops playing after a while (VB-29546)
[Windows] Audio takes ages to start up (VB-29699)
[Windows] Support video/mpeg4 (VB-27459)
Proprietary media served with wrong unsupported mime type fails to play (VB-29504)
Permission dialogs for media and notification fails to open (VB-29799)
Allow more fine-grained Themes color control (VB-29456)
Color changes does not auto-save when edited by keyboard (VB-29581)
Developer Tools:
Restore the title of the undocked developer tools due to external tools (VB-29386)
Undocked developer tools do not work for internal pages (VB-29360)
Developer tools shortcuts are conflicting with Vivaldi ones (VB-27893)
Selecting standalone install mode does not always work (VB-30397)
Completed standalone install can open all user install (VB-30001)
Spatial navigation:
Spatial navigation does not remember last position (VB-28965)
Spatial navigation cursor ? moves focus (VB-30263)
Tab bar:
Tab bar disappears in fullscreen video (VB-29418)
Tab bar resize performance (VB-29510)
Other fixes:
[Notes] Content does not display and can be lost (VB-29658)
[Bookmarks] Search in bookmarks does not find extra characters like brackets (VB-29588)
[Search Engines] Update moves modified engines towards end of list (VB-29828)
[Settings] Going from Display All to Keyboard doesn’t change the settings content (VB-29771)
Settings search is not working for Toolbar (VB-29332)
Search nicknames should be lowercase (VB-30642)
[Speed Dials] If custom thumbnail has been used and cleared, it does not revert back to the generated thumbnail (VB-29384)
Accept text/plain as drag type for web panels (VB-29303)
Back button drop-down does not appear on Speed Dial (VB-30052)
Changing extension icon problem (VB-22413)
Find in Page covers scrollbar (VB-29921)
Have Popup in Tab off by default (VB-29742)
Hidden control has focus in App Updater (VB-29273)
Missing Windows 8 icons and tiles (VB-29965)
Permissions are not asked for when a permission is used (VB-29930)
Provide a way to unfocus a select field by keyboard (VB-28140)
Sort typed history based on time, not length (VB-28939)
Suppress autocompletion if typed matches domain or ends with a slash (VB-27956)
The update notifier should check for updates when it’s launched (VB-29339)
Unread tab indicator contrast adjustments (VB-12813)
Vivaldi does not update search engines nor does it add new ones on previous installations (VB-28151)
Vivaldi installed on a virtual drive cannot be updated correctly (VB-29793)
Web panel context menu (VB-23465)
Wrong extension behaviour between private and non-private window (VB-28010)
% becomes %25 when searched from address bar or field (VB-30266)
Updated translations
Updated Chromium to 60.0.3112.91

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