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# Optimizations:
* [Main Frame]
- Indivudually display Custom filtering rules for pages
- Supported Security Alliance list certificate
- Optimization of Ad-block Menu Style when Ad-block is disabled
- Optimized ad-filters sharing
- Adblock Plus icon with ads filtering count
- Optimization of Adblock Plus Notication Style
- Support of Acceptable Ads, Allow Non-invasive Advertising
* [Webkit Core]
- Support of Top level domain
- Optimized Pop-up blocking
# Fixes:
* [Main Frame]
- Quick Access data reset issue
- Filter rules being downloaded when ad-hunter is not enabled
- "Subscription Rules Title" display issue.
- Possible to add non domain name to filtering white list
- When not maximized, the filter tip is not in the right position
- Tool bar icons appear transparent
- In some languages some Account panel parts are not completely displayed
- Setting center security problem
- One security issue in Extensions center
* [Webkit Core]
- Fixed one Flash filtering mistake
- Fixed on core crash problem
- Youtube video loading speed is slow
- 3D display effect problem on some websites
- Unble to log into Session window under some specific conditions
- When maximizing or minimizing a page on touck screen devices, the status bar value doesn't change
- Fixed page disorder problem when using Touch screen zoom and using ctrl+scroll.
- On Touch screen devices touch scroll is not effextive on PDF Preview page and Multi-Frame pages
- Under High DPI, Certicates and Certificates error dialogs Height and Size