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Zendesk is one of the most popular Helpdesk solutions available today. It is used by a large number of companies both big and small as Zendesk is a solid application. This customer service solution utilises the power of the cloud. It is easy to use, efficient, and highly flexible, and because the software is fully scalable, it can be used by businesses of all sizes.


Zendesk allows tickets to be raised via an array of sources: email, web, telephone, chat, and social networking sites. The myriad of ways tickets can get raised into Zendesk is one of its strengths; as soon as a ticket is raised, the application allows agents to add internal notes to it. This is a really useful feature that can be a huge help when tickets are being handled by multiple agents during its lifetime. The benefits of having all your data under one roof are evident in the fact that agents can quickly view the cases which require immediate attention and deal with the customer issues immediately, thereby leaving your customers satisfied.

Zendesk's user interface displays everything you need, without you having to to click between tabs or windows. One cool feature of Zendesk is the Views screen. This lets agents see all of the tickets that are unsolved or recently added. It can also be extensively customized to your specific needs and requirements.

Email System
Email is the primary tool that Zendesk uses to gather customer feedback from. When an email is sent to the customer service department, it turns into a support ticket that includes all communication (replies, comments) from then on and until the ticket is solved. Zendesk gives you the ability to add multiple support addresses and you can also tweak your email templates to suit your specific needs.

Task automation is a really cool feature that Zendesk offers. Common tasks can be automated using Triggers, Zendesk’s smart system. For example, if a high profile customer sent an email, the ticketed request can be set up to follow specific actions, be addressed by a particular agent and be given the highest priority; all under an automated action. Trigger creation is easy, simply click the Admin icon on the sidebar and select the "Triggers/Add Trigger" option. You then populate the required fields according to the actions you want to undertake and save it. If, at a future time, you need to edit the Trigger, you can easily do so from the settings menu in the same admin menu.

Zendesk Reports are available on all pricing plans and will provide metrics on KPIs such as daily ticket activity, SLA compliance, average resolution time, customer satisfaction, and agent performance. You can view whatever information you need via the reporting tool; simply define the parameters of ticket properties and the time period you wish to view.

Zendesk Insights is an advanced reporting feature that is offered on Plus and Enterprise plans. It gives you the ability to carry our more customized analysis of KPIs at a deeper level. You can then use the data to analyze a particular customer group, or demographic group based on different variables. If you need to pinpoint issues and identify key performance areas, then Zendesk Insights is a very neat tool to make use of.

Self Service
Zendesk offers advanced self-service functions that provide a 24/7 service solution. Zendesk makes full use of comprehensive knowledge bases, which are updated by connecting solved cases and then assigning them with tags. This is useful because future customers can navigate your company's website and search to find what they are looking for immediately, without the need to contact customer services to locate the solution to their problem.

Zendesk has more than 200 integrations available at no charge, via the official Apps Marketplace. These apps range from agent productivity enhancers, and analytical tools through to telephony/sms apps and chat clients. Popular integrated apps include ZenCart, SalesForce, TeamViewer, Joomla, Wordpress, and MailChimp

Zendesk uses a subscription pricing model with prices starting from 1$ per agent per month on the Starter plan. The plans other four available plans are Regular (25$), Plus (49$), Enterprise (125$) and Enterprise Elite (195$). The Plus package is offered as a Free Trial for 30 days (No Credit Card required).

Bottom Line
Zendesk is a capable Helpdesk solution that helps you unify your communications. It has most of the features that a small, medium, or even large organization will need, as long as tickets and the way they get raised are what your business primarily requires. Zendesk is a sleek, workable solution that has a highly customizable interface and useful tools such as the Triggers system will help you to stay engaged with your customers.

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