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Download Audio Hijack 3.0.2

Audio Hijack 3.0.2

By Rogue Amoeba  (Free)
User Rating

Audio Hijack (was Audio Hijack Pro) is an audio-recording tool that can capture any audio from applications like Skype and iTunes. It can also record from microphones or any other source that runs through your Mac.

The user interface, not too dissimilar to iTunes, is clean and simple, featuring two-panes from where you can capture audio from the usual applications like Skype, iTunes, iChat and QuickTime Player. In the pane situated on the right of your screen you can configure an array of settings, which include recording schedules, tags and a large selection of sound effects.

One handy feature that will appeal to most people is the one-touch recording feature for iChat and Skype conversations. Although you can't edit audio using Audio Hijack, you'll certainly to be able to capture audio from multiple sources quickly and easily, making this an excellent audio-recording application.

Title: Audio Hijack 3.0.2
Filename: AudioHijack.zip
File size: 14.30MB (14,996,055 bytes)
Requirements: Mac OS X
Languages: Multiple languages
License: Free
Date added: February 17, 2015
Author: Rogue Amoeba
MD5 Checksum: 85D140AC4CC09AC6839BFC6317ACD263

* Critical Bug Fix: We've fixed an issue where App Nap could affect recordings, particularly unattended recordings, resulting in incomplete or incorrect audio. If you experienced any issues with incomplete recordings, this update should cure things.
* Enhancement: Recorder settings can now be tweaked when a Recorder block is off, regardless of the state of the Session (running or not).
* Minor Enhancement: Instant On 8.0.6 is included, bringing minor bug fixes.
* Bug Fix: The Recordings tab will now update titles to reflect file name or title tag changes, as well as other tag changes.
* Bug Fix: If Instant On is not installed, dragging a System Audio block into a running Session will now not pop a whole mess of errors. Nice, huh?
* Bug Fix: Session names will now properly update at all times.
* Other: When the trial limitations occur, the app will now bring itself forward for added clarity.
* Other: The "Check for News" menu item is now properly available when needed.
* Other: Session windows now properly remember to re-open on launch, and the Home window now opens behind other Session windows on launch, not in front of them.
* Other: An issue where animations could incorrectly be disabled has been corrected.
* Other: The "Open URL" field is now only editable when the checkbox is on.
* Other: The text of the Ducking block has been updated in an attempt at greater clarity. Its functionality is unchanged.
* Other: It is no longer possible to delete in-progress recordings. That was weird, so we no longer allow it.
* Other: Previously, there was a complex and confusing issue where splitting AAC or ALAC files could eventually result in a file winding up mis-named and a directory higher than it should have been. A preliminary fix to avoid the issue is now in place.

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