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By Running With Crayons Ltd  (Freeware)
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Alfred allows you to locate applications and files and launch them on your Mac without using your mouse. Alfred will learn which apps you use most and then it will prioritize them when you search in the future.

With Alfred you can quickly search the Web by utilizing the built-in web search feature, and by combining this with your own custom searches it will make it faster to search the web by prefixing your search with keywords.

Export your workflows to share, or import those created by the developer community. With enhanced clipboard features, you can access text that you have saved to your clipboard with a keyboard shortcut. You can also search past clips and paste them wherever you're currently working.


  • Calculator and Dictionary: Perform quick maths and then copy results. Spell and define words.
  • Contacts: Search your local Contacts and use or copy the details.
  • Quick Look: You can preview your files and documents by tapping Shift in Alfred.
  • System Commands: System wide command functions will allow you to do things like Sleep your Mac, empty Trash and activate your screensaver.
  • iTunes: Search your iTunes music collection or play random albums.
  • Recent Documents: Locate the recently viewed files and documents.
  • Email: Find files with Alfred and attach them to a new email very quickly.
  • 1Password: Get secure and fast access to your 1Password 1Click bookmarks.
  • Syncing: You can use Dropbox to keep your Alfred settings synced between your Macs.
  • Fallback Searches: Choose custom searches or workflows to replace Alfred's default fallbacks.

Title: Alfred
Filename: Alfred_3.6.1_910.dmg
File size: 2.75MB (2,884,142 bytes)
Requirements: Mac OS X
Languages: Multiple languages
License: Freeware
Date added: May 9, 2018
Author: Running With Crayons Ltd
MD5 Checksum: 09733429551E94E729318E3181A2F6B5

Improve CSV drag and drop import in "List Filter" input object configuration sheet, more closely adhering to RFC 4180.
Enhancements to the "Dispatch Key Combo" workflow object:
Added popup with ability to add and remove key modifiers allowing for dispatching of combos which are otherwise macOS reserved (e.g. cmd+tab).
Added option to clear key combo.
Fix new "set config" AppleScript command for smoother operation:
If a currently running workflow calls set config on itself, the workflow will continue running.
Small tweak to workflow editor to better handle unexpected missing workflow data.
Fix insert placeholder button on "Write Text File" output object to correctly insert placeholders into editor view.
Fix spelling of overridden in "Run External Trigger" output object.
Clarify the subtext relating to variables in the "Call External Trigger" trigger object.
Fix correctly passing workflow configuration (environment) variables out of a "Call External Trigger" trigger object.
Tweak incompatible python library check for macOS 10.13+.
Accessibility / VoiceOver Improvements:
Selected default results now gives context and more information.
Subviews now better contextually read results (Clipboard / Snippet Viewer, File System Navigation, File Actions).
General fixes and Improvements:
Improvements to calculator locale recognition and usage (separator / grouping).
Fix Finder quitting when using quitall command in macOS 10.13, non-English locale.
Fix stuck buffer popover text on macOS 10.13 when popover is currently visible and Alfred window hides.
Updated IMDB default web search to be https now that IMDB supports this.
Fix rendering quirk in clipboard viewer after deleting clipboard items and all items are individually deleted.
Compatibility improvements for the new 1Password 7 Beta (and future general release).
Update Ask and Ebay default web searches to https and latest URL scheme.