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Download VeraCrypt 1.22

VeraCrypt 1.22

By IDRIX  (Freeware)
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VeraCrypt is a great application to establish and maintain an on-the-fly-encrypted volume. On-the-fly encryption means that data is automatically encrypted right before it is saved and decrypted right after it is loaded, without any user intervention. This is a very secure method of data encryption as any data that is stored on an encrypted volume cannot be read (decrypted) without using the correct password/keyfile(s) or correct encryption keys. The entire file system is encrypted (e.g. file names, folder names, contents of every file, free space, meta data, etc) to give you as much security as possible.

Key features include:

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Lightweight.
  • Enhanced security.

VeraCrypt is a free disk encryption software based on TrueCrypt 7.1a. It adds enhanced security to the algorithms used for system and partitions encryption making it immune to new developments in brute-force attacks. VeraCrypt has been specifically designed to give you better security with the data you want to encrypt. It is relatively lightweight, and has an easy to use interface.

Title: VeraCrypt 1.22
Filename: VeraCrypt Setup 1.22.exe
File size: 29.64MB (31,080,432 bytes)
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
Languages: Multiple languages
License: Freeware
Date added: April 2, 2018
Author: IDRIX
MD5 Checksum: A668C0DC7B590E4F4B576DADAF50E273

All OSs:
SIMD speed optimization for Kuznyechik cipher implementation (up to 2x speedup).
Add 5 new cascades of cipher algorithms: Camellia-Kuznyechik, Camellia-Serpent, Kuznyechik-AES, Kuznyechik-Serpent-Camellia and Kuznyechik-Twofish.
MBR Bootloader: Fix failure to boot hidden OS on some machines.
MBR Bootloader: Reduce CPU usage during password prompt.
Security enhancement: Add option to block TRIM command for system encryption on SSD drives.
Implement TRIM support for non-system SSD drives and add option to enable it (TRIM is disabled by default for non-system volumes).
Better fix for "Parameter Incorrect" issues during EFI system encryption in some machines.
Driver: remove unnecessary dependency to wcsstr which can cause issues on some machines.
Driver: Fix "Incorrect Parameter" error when mounting volumes on some machines.
Fix failure to mount system favorites during boot on some machines.
Fix current application losing focus when VeraCrypt is run in command line with /quit /silent switches.
Fix some cases of external applications freezing during mount/dismount.
Fix rare cases of secure desktop for password dialog not visible which caused UI to block.
Update libzip to version 1.5.0 that include fixes for some security issues.
Extend Secure Desktop feature to smart card PIN entry dialog.
Fix truncated license text in installer wizard.
Add portable package that allows extracting binaries without asking for admin privileges.
Simplify format of language XML files.
Workaround for cases where password dialog doesn't get keyboard focus if Secure Desktop is not enabled.
Fix failure to install GUI version under recent versions of KDE.
Fix wxWidgets assertion failed when backing up/restoring volume header.
Fix issue preventing some local help files from opening in the browser.