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Download Thilmera7 0b156

Thilmera7 7 0b156

By Tsuruki Sasato  (Freeware)
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Thilmera7 is a small app that is designed to help you keep a close eye on your system performance, by monitoring various components of your computer's hardware configuration.

As it's a real-time monitoring app, as soon as you run it, it will provide detailed information about your computer’s memory, drives, network, CPU, GPU, processes, and sound card etc.

Thilmera7’s main window displays all the main functions of your computer. The default settings can be a little hard on the eyes, but fortunately it can be customized in terms of window size, displayed font, colors and style to make the app easier to work with. The ability to issue hotkey commands, which can toggle or remove various datasets from the main window is a good customizable feature. If you do have any issues configuring Thilmera7, then it does come with a wizard to help you along.

Overall, Thilmera7 is ok at what is does; showing you all the main component details of your system, in real-time. The downside is the clunky interface. However, if you want to spend some time trying to tweak it, then it isn’t that hard to work with. There are many other system monitoring apps available on the market that do just as well, but are a little easier to navigate.

Title: Thilmera7 0b156
Filename: thilmera7.zip
File size: 4.71MB (4,943,469 bytes)
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
Languages: Multiple languages
License: Freeware
Date added: October 17, 2018
Author: Tsuruki Sasato
MD5 Checksum: E382AFE7A27DB00FA6B9D13B8755B3D1

[version 0b156 Rev.1 / 2018/10/17]
Fixed a problem that occurred in Radeon (AMD/ATI) environment at 0b156.

[version 0b156 / 2018/10/16]
Significant adjustment of the UI design of the setting screen.
Measures against overflow of character string processing (2)
Fixed a problem that some memories are broken when the top process system is on.
Fixed a problem that a problem occurred when R off and unit G were combined with CPU clock.
Copy old version report to clipboard so that it is copied only when clipboard button is pressed instead of display.
In cases other than Japanese, change the process to open the site to refer to the English version URL.
Change Disk I / O list so that display / non-display can be selected for each logical drive.
In the Net I / O list, changed so that display / non-display can be selected for each network device.
Added the following to the motherboard information on a trial basis. However, NCT 6795D has not been tested untested.
IT 8731 F, IT 8732 F, IT 8733 F, IT 8622 E, IT 8786 E, IT 8790 E, IT 8792 E, NCT 6792 D, NCT 6793 D, NCT 6795 D, NCT 6796 D
Sound analyzer
 · Fixed the problem that the last data before silence when notRender was on remained as afterimage.
 · Loop processing occurs when the device can not be found, so change to turn off setting in that case.
Fixed a bug that disappears as a line feed code if a directory containing \ n is specified in the configuration file.
Fixed a bug that is displayed 50 degrees higher on Ryzen 2700X.
http, https Adjustment of request processing.
Saved set of display items between 0 and 9, changed so that you can switch arbitrarily. The default and takeover of the old version is number 0.
In the setting file, changed to export to thilmera7key.ini what is troubled if it is not easy to read the contents.
Twitter API
 · Function to tweet usage rate and temperature regularly. (thilmera 7s)
 · The ability to display your timeline. (thilmera 7s)
Ability to post usage rate and temperature periodically using Discord's Webhook. (thilmera 7s)
Use Yahoo Weather to display the temperature and weather in the zip code area.
Add Bittrex, Yobit, Btc-Alpha, CRYPTOPIA to the virtual currency BTC.
In some environments of Windows 10, if the top process GPU is activated in response to the problem that GPU utilization rate in DXGI mode can not be acquired by updating. Changed to apply the sum value.
Changed to be able to select descending order or ascending order in top process order.