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Free mystery adventure game demo

Of Love and Eternity demo for Windows from the developer, Acornbringer gives us the first taste of the game, which is set in a medieval afterlife. You control an undead knight who’s looking for the soul of his beloved, who was brutally murdered just before he was.

There are similarities with the game Dark Souls, but as this is a demo, we haven't seen enough to make a full comparison. The game is definitely not for someone who is faint-hearted, much like The Medium.

How do I install Of Love and Eternity?

Visit the Filehippo listing for the game and follow the download link. When the download has finished, follow the on-screen steps for unzipping the program files. Once File Explorer opens, double click on the application to run the game.


What’s the game about? 

Although the opening cutscene provides background to the story, this is merely a starting point. Because this is a first look, or ‘alpha’ demo, the developer hasn’t revealed too much about the full game yet. However, it’s already extremely atmospheric, thanks to the fitting soundtrack and graphical style.

How do you play Of Love and Eternity?

You can choose to play either with a gamepad or with your keyboard and mouse.

You move around using the keyboard. The mouse is used to rotate the camera, allowing you to check around you for incoming enemies or for signs of items to collect. The left mouse button is used to select options from the game menu.

How do I uninstall it? 

To uninstall the game, find where the program files have been saved and delete them. Don’t forget that to get rid of flies completely, you need to empty your recycle bin.

Game of passion

Acornbringer has said that they intend to release the game in ten parts, and they have already started working on subsequent episodes. The purpose of this demo is to receive information that will guide the development of the game. 

There doesn’t appear to be much action yet. However, the action doesn't seem to have been the developer’s intent at this stage, They’ve stated that it’s meant as a sample of the game’s systems, not the gameplay itself.

Based on what’s available to date, Of Love and Eternity looks extremely promising. For an early demo, the movement is well done and the environment surrounding the main character is nicely executed. At this point, we’re getting the feeling that Of Love and Eternity will develop into an excellent horror game full of mysteries.



Of Love and Eternity demo for Windows
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Monday, May 10th 2021


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