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Free feeding game

Mr.TomatoS is a free feeding game for Windows PC. The hand-drawn animations initially make the gameplay feel childish and wacky, concealing its darker, horror themes. Overall, Mr.TomatoS is a weird game with many alternative endings to discover.

While Mr.TomatoS is fun to play, there are also many great alternatives to explore. For example, NODOMUS is a surreal simulation with unique mechanics requiring you to send cameras into the void, while Donut Maker! is a far more relaxing option where you can create any doughnuts you want.

Feed the tomato

You must add foods to the blender and mix them to feed the tomato.  Apples, ice cubes, lemons, and many other foods are available to mix. Each concoction will affect Mr.TomatoS in different ways and may even make him angry.


Earn points

By keeping Mr.TomatoS well-fed and happy, you'll earn points that you can spend in the shop. The store sells a selection of items that helps you on your feeding quest. However, unlike the game, items sold here aren't free: they cost points, so you'll need to manage that in-game resources well.

Hand-drawn style

Mr.TomatoS uses a hand-drawn art style that starts to feel eerie and out of place as the game progresses. This style choice lends a disconcerting feeling to the gameplay that drives home the horror elements.

Requires strategy

If you want to live long enough to see one of the game’s endings, you'll need to plan your meals well. Any issue with the food mixture can anger Mr TomatoS, potentially leading to your death. Careful planning will keep you alive until the very end.

On completion

Mr.TomatoS's classic version only allows one playthrough per player. This mechanic prevents anyone from finding all the endings to the story. However, for the completionists out there, there is now Mr.TomatoS++.

Extra modes

Mr.TomatoS is an exciting game, but unless you play it on the extra mode you'll only have one chance to complete it. This mechanic causes the title to feel challenging as you strategically combine food to reach your desired end. To get to the goal, you need to keep Mr TomatoS alive and manage resources carefully.

Fortunately, a new mode called Mr.TomatoS++ offers the ability to achieve all endings. This version of the game will work even if have already completed the title before.



Mr.TomatoS 3.0 for Windows
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 8.1
Latest update:
Tuesday, September 7th 2021


Mr.TomatoS for PC


OXTORD Games(Free)

User rating8


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