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Spider simulation prototype

Laser Spider Playground is currently a prototype for a casual game about a spider with laser eyes picking acorns, building webs, and killing flies. The developer recently published it and received positive feedback from players.


A sweet minigame

You might’ve already heard of the developer of this game, Sbug, thanks to their multiplayer creation called STAB STAB STAB! Now, they’re coming out with a much less nightmarish, charming little game, unfortunately without an announced publication date.

From its looks, the game won’t be that mechanics- and plot-oriented. It seems like the focus will be on bite-sized bouts of playing to de-stress, resembling titles like VR Physics Playground and PowerWash Simulator.


As the developer explains on their page, the early prototype is still full of bugs and lacks a defined goal. Still, it neatly displays the concept, and it’s a lot of fun to play.

The controls are simple and require only your keyboard and mouse. You can build webs, walk over them, jump, and grapple.

Web building is somewhat challenging to grasp, but with a little trial and error, it’s more than possible. The most exciting mechanic is the laser you can shoot from your eyes. When you activate it, it will stun flies, break webs, and shake tree branches.

If you want to make the gameplay a bit more challenging, you can walk forward until you run into a big red button. Each time you jump on it, a new fly gets released into the air for you to chase.


The design so far is simple, vivid, and cartoonish. The elements of your screen look hand-drawn, but the animation still feels realistic. As you move, the spider’s legs will wobble, and it will swing left and right on the web with the smoothness of modern video games.

Down-to-earth and relaxed

Laser Spider Playground promises to become a fun, lighthearted little game to help you unwind. It doesn’t have the potential to build a global recognition, but it isn’t aspiring to do that, either. It’s made for playing several minutes at a time and making you smile.

Laser Spider Playground 1 for Windows
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Date added:
Thursday, August 13th 2020

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