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Download Krita 4.1.5 32-bit

Krita 32-bit 4.1.5

By The Krita Foundation  (Open Source)
User Rating

Krita is an Open Source painting tool that has been designed for illustrators, concept artists, the VFX industry, and matte and texture artists. Krita has numerous innovative features to help the amateur and professionals alike.

Key Tools include:

  • Brush engines.
  • Brush stabilizers.
  • Pop-up palette.
  • Wrap-around mode.
  • Resource manager.
  • Drawing assistants.
  • Layer management.
  • Layer masks.
  • OpenGL enhanced.
  • Full color management.
  • PSD support.
  • HDR support.
  • Transform tools.
  • Training resources.
  • Color palette.

For artists, using Krita is a joy. The interface is very intuitive and highly customizable. The various panels and dockers an be moved and modified to suit your own workflow. As soon as you have your setup in place, you are able to save it as your personal workspace. If you use specific tools regularly, then you are also able to create your own shortcuts for more commonly used tools.

Overall, Krita is one of those gems that you rarely come across. The array of tools is first class for a free product, as is the design and interface. It is easy to use and can be navigated by all users, regardless of their expertise. With support for Photoshop files and the ability to open, save, edit and author HDR images, Krita stands out from the crowd in the painting tool market.

Looking for the Mac version of Krita? Download Here

Title: Krita 4.1.5 32-bit
Filename: krita-x86-4.1.5-setup.exe
File size: 95.97MB (100,636,552 bytes)
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
Languages: Multiple languages
License: Open Source
Date added: October 15, 2018
Author: The Krita Foundation
MD5 Checksum: 1DA05B843E9CB1A094DFE8D482F90F09

Coming hot on the heels of Krita 4.1.3, which had an unfortunate accident to the TIFF plugin, we’re releasing Krita 4.1.5 today! There’s a lot more than just that fix, though, since we’re currently celebrating the last week of the Krita Fundraiser by having a very productive development sprint in Deventer, the Netherlands.There are some nice highlights as well, like much improved support for scaling on hi-dpi or retina screens. But here’s a full list of more than fifty fixes:

Associate Krita with .ico files
Auto-update the device pixel ration when changing screens
Disable autoscrolling for the pan tool
Disable drag & drop in the recent documents list BUG:399397
Disable zoom-in/out actions when editing text in rich-text mode BUG:399157
Do not add template files to recent documents list BUG:398877
Do not allow creating masks on locked layers. BUG:399145
Do not close the settings dialog when pressing enter while searching for a shortcut BUG:399116
Fill polyline shapes if some fill style was selected BUG:399135
Fix Tangent Normal paintop to work with 16 and 32 bit floating point images BUG:398826
Fix a blending issue with the color picker when picking a color for the first time BUG:394399
Fix a problem with namespaces when loading SVG
Fix an assert when right-clicking the animation timeline BUG:399435
Fix autohiding the color selector popup
Fix canvas scaling in hidpi mode BUG:360541
Fix deleting canvas input settings shortcuts BUG:385662
Fix loading multiline text with extra mark-up BUG:399227
Fix loading of special unicode whitespace characters BUG:392710
Fix loading the alpha channel from Photoshop TIFF files BUG:376950
Fix missing shortcut from Fill Tool tooltip. BUG:399111
Fix projection update after undoing create layer BUG:399575
Fix saving layer lock, alpha lock and alpha inheritance. BUG:399513
Fix saving the location of audio source files in .kra files
Fix selections and transform tool overlay when Mirror Axis is active BUG:395222
Fix setting active session after creating a new one
Fix showing the color selector popup in hover mode
Fix the ctrl-w close window shortcut on Windows BUG:399339
Fix the overview docker BUG:396922, BUG:384033
Fix the shift-I color selector shortcut
Fix unsuccessful restoring of a session blocking Krita from closing BUG:399203
Import SVG files as vector layers instead of pixel layers BUG:399166
Improve spacing between canvas input setting categories
Make Krita merge layers correctly if the order of selecting layers is not top-down. BUG:399146
Make it possible to select the SVG text tool text has been moved inside an hidden group and then made visible again BUG:395412
Make the color picker pick the alpha channel value correctly. BUG:399169
Prevent opening filter dialogs on non-editable layers. BUG:398915
Reset the brush preset selection docker on creating a new document BUG:399340
Support fractional display scaling factors
Update color history after fill BUG:379199