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Action indie game

Galactic Beacon Brigade is a physics-based indie game by TomSmizzle. It’s a short, entertaining, and straightforward experience of bringing the galaxy together by flying your spaceship and activating beacons.


Simple premise and execution

This sci-fi Windows game places you in outer space on a simple mission. You’ll fly a spaceship through the galaxy and connect beacons to form images. However, this objective feels too simple on its own, without challenging aspects or rewarding achievements.

It resembles a mechanics reference rather than an actual game. If you were hoping for a space adventure with a plot and progress, perhaps try FTL: Faster Than Light or Gaia Beyond instead.


The game has you flying your ship between pulsing points on the screen. You can use WASD or arrow keys to steer it, but the nature of the atmosphere in space doesn’t leave room for a lot of precision.

Instead, it leads to the ship hitting the sides of your screen or floating past the points quite often. The controls create exciting gameplay, mostly as you can only steer left and right as you battle cosmic physics.

Levels and progress

Once you grasp the controls, you’ll pass the space between the points, causing a line resembling a constellation to show between them. A new set of points shows up until you solve all ten of them. Once you do, they solidify into a hidden image.

The program will then close. There are no prizes, new maps, battles or challengesto explore after you finish the base ten levels.


This game’s design is so simple that it looks hand-drawn. However, the graphics seem more cartoonish than lazy once you launch this black-and-white cosmic adventure.

Feels unfinished

While it’s enjoyable, playing Galactic Beacon Brigade doesn’t truly feel like a gaming experience. It’s too short and simple for most players. It could be better if it were a speed game, but like this, it’s a game you enjoy once before you drop it for good.

Galactic Beacon Brigade 1 for Windows
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 8.1
Date added:
Thursday, August 27th 2020

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