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A free flash player

Flashpoint Infinity is a free Flash player available for your Windows PC. The application enables Flash processes on any browser, letting you play games or watch videos on sites requiring a Flash plugin. The software downloads each game online and saves it for offline use if you’ve never played it before.

Small file size

The total file size of the Flashpoint Infinity download is only around 500MB with a finished installation size of 2GB. This download is smaller than the alternative Flashpoint Ultimate—which requires a download of almost 500GB. The file size aids the speed of installation, as for two gigabytes it should only take a few minutes.

Internet required

Flashpoint Infinity requires a constant internet connection to function correctly. Without the Wi-Fi connection, you can only use previously downloaded content and new items won’t load. However, this should not pose a huge impediment to users, as internet connectivity is generally needed to make use of your web browser in the first place.


Long updating process

Every time the software requires an update, you’ll need to completely re-download the launcher. There is no way to update the application within the app itself. Despite its intuitive design, constantly updating the app is an irritating chore. However, Flashpoint Infinity is safe to use and is not a virus.

Quick installation

The Flashpoint Infinity file is a self-extracting installer that takes only a few minutes to finish. This speed ensures that you’re ready to play online games on your web browser within moments. However, you will need to confirm the installation during the process.

Play games and watch videos

Most commonly, Flash services run online games and video players. Without Flashpoint Infinity or an alternative, the titles won’t load or run correctly. Many of the Flash games available online are old-fashioned and nostalgic to play. Additionally, a few video-hosting websites require Flash players to function. Without the software, you’re unable to watch the video.

Casual usage

Flashpoint Infinity is a great casual flash player that works when needed and downloads only the required files. However, alternatives such as Flashpoint Ultimate require multiple gigabytes worth of downloading but work offline from the start. Other similar software offering many of the same benefits include Supernova and Ruffle.



Flashpoint Infinity 11 for Windows
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 8.1,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 7
Latest update:
Wednesday, August 24th 2022
Blue Maxima


Flashpoint Infinity for PC


Blue Maxima(Free)

User rating8


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