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Generals Zero Hour is the ultimate strategy game that deals with war. Playing this game for Windows will make you feel like you can lead an army of thousands. This game requires you to make hard decisions regarding your army and change them at a moment's notice depending on the battle. This real-time strategy game has been developed by none other than Electronic Arts (EA). 

A similar game is Stronghold Crusader, which also features a vast open-world that lets you play the way you want. For example, you can move your army strategically to defeat the enemy commander. 


Generals Zero Hour has a massive open-world. In fact, you’ll be able to choose from multiple maps and enjoy roaming around. As for graphics, the game provides stunning visuals. So you get the bird's-eye view of the battlefield all the time. Thanks to that, you’ll have all the intel you need. 


Introduction to new elements

Zero Hour enhances the real-time strategy genre by introducing substantial new content and depth. The expansion enriches the original game with new units, technologies, and "generals powers" for the USA military, China's forces, and the GLA terrorist group. Notably, it adds a unique single-player mode called the generals challenge and extends each faction's narrative through five extensive missions. Beyond these additions, Zero Hour improves the core game with various minor adjustments and enhancements, focusing on better gameplay mechanics and multiplayer experience.

Character-driven subfactions

A major innovation in Zero Hour is the introduction of nine subfactions, each led by distinct commanders. These include General Malcolm "Ace" Granger of the USA, General "Anvil" Shin Fai of China, and Prince Hassad of the GLA. These subfactions, while retaining core elements of their primary factions, offer unique units and gameplay styles. This diversity provides players with a variety of gaming experiences, echoing the distinct civilizations found in games like Age of Empires II.

The Generals challenge

The generals challenge mode, resembling the structure of classic strategy games, allows players to select from one of the nine specialist generals and engage in battles against others. These challenging encounters, set in environments favoring the enemy's strengths, compel players to adapt and refine their strategies. The mode's interactive elements, such as character-specific dialogues and contextual advice, add an engaging layer to the gameplay.

Campaigns and story progression

Zero Hour's campaign missions, continuing the storylines from the original, are more intricately crafted than their predecessors. The addition of full-motion video cutscenes, akin to news reports, enhances the narrative experience. These cutscenes, while unskippable and part of the loading process, contribute to the game's storyline, which subtly reflects contemporary global events.

How to play

To play Generals Zero Hour choose a commander for your army, which will be your player avatar. Different commanders have varying attributes; be mindful about how you strategize their skills to win the war. Then, take control your army using the commander of your choice and attack the enemy. 


To play this game, you’ll need a PC that’s running on Windows 10 or 11 for the best experience. However, EA has made the game very lightweight that it can even run on older PCs with lower specifications. 

Make your move

In the end, the game is an advanced strategy-based game. Unlike the turn-based strategy games where you have to wait and anticipate your enemy’s turn, Generals Zero Hour provides you with a more thrilling experience. 

Zero Hour, the expansion pack for Command & Conquer: Generals, might be perceived as the fulfillment of the original game's potential. Arriving shortly after Generals, it enriches the game with added depth, challenge, and variety in both single-player and multiplayer modes. The expansion brings a more engaging experience with enhanced personality traits. 

Notably, it includes a manual with strategies for competitive online play and effective use of the improved world builder utility. This makes Zero Hour an essential addition for Generals enthusiasts, as it transforms the original experience significantly. Moreover, those who initially found Generals lacking due to its execution might find Zero Hour a compelling reason to revisit the game. Evidently, Zero Hour is crafted from a meticulous evaluation of how to elevate Generals to a higher level of gaming excellence.



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Monday, December 11th 2023

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