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2K Inc brings their sports fans all the basketball action in NBA 2K17 to Android devices. The developers claim this version has all the essential PC and console features. It comes with optimised controls, a simplified interface, and external Bluetooth controller support.


Simulated NBA league action

Customisation retains its depth in this version. While most of them are like older copies like 2K11 and 13, the visuals and detail have improved. The characters and NPCs look more lifelike and their actions more realistic.

Widely exploited bugs can’t be taken advantage of because they were patched and no longer exist on the Android version. Some players will now reflect their real-life stats with more accuracy. However, it comes with different errors, which you won’t find on other platforms. Battery and RAM usage has also become a major problem for mobile players.

You get a whole new set of controls in this game. It is by far the best feature on Android. The on-screen buttons are more adhesive, which help you make more accurate plays. They have added special functions such as the AI assist, that gives you more manoeuvrability.

Talking about performance, Android players got the worst end of the deal. You have to play at the lowest graphics settings to avoid frequent stutters and freezes. Even then, the game still drains your battery and eats up your RAM. It says you need a 4.3 Android or later but older devices will not run this game on an optimal level.

For high quality gameplay, your phone needs to maintain at least 30 FPS (frame per second). While this is achievable on Apple products, most Android devices fall short by a large margin. This leads to a lot of delayed actions and crashes. It seems they have downgraded the sound system as well. Character voices are inconsistent with their actions. A lot of times, you don’t hear anything at all. There are no known fixes for this issue regardless of game settings.

2K17 supports Bluetooth controller. If you have trouble getting used to the on-screen pad, consider using this option. You can also switch your controls to those of older versions of 2K. You may want to use an external keyboard when inputting texts as the menu sometimes freezes.

Create your ideal NBA team

2K17 has maintained all aspects of gameplay. You still get the fluid action and realistic character movements. Sports fans often overlook visual deficiency as long as they get to keep the core mechanics.

Unless you have a GalaxyS10 or a Pixel 3, you might not want to run this game. Only high-end devices can afford the RAM and battery usage. You can still play on cheaper models if you’re okay with stopping and charging every half hour.

NBA 2K17 for Android
  • Android 4.3
Available languages:
  • English,
  • French,
  • German,
  • Spanish,
  • Japanese
Date added:
Monday, September 30th 2019
2K Inc.

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