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PES 2017 - a high-quality football simulator

PES, which stands for Pro Evolution Soccer, is a realistic football game that focuses on being as accurate a simulation as possible. The game features a new system called Control Reality, which allows the user to control a football player whether they have the ball or not.

This 2017 version of the game features improved ball physics and a more physical game. While it is generally considered to be less visually appealing than its main rival, FIFA, it is considerably better than other options in the genre, including earlier versions of FIFA.

Best features of PES 2017

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best features of PES 2017:


Revolutionary control system

The standout feature in PES 2017 is the "Control Reality" system. This new control system enhances the management of footballers, whether they have the ball or not. This makes Pro Evolution Soccer a top-notch football simulator, leaving FIFA as the go-to for showmanship.

Improved ball physics

PES 2017 brings significant improvements to ball physics, making the ball move more naturally across the pitch. This enhancement gives players more control, transforming the way you navigate the field, avoid defense, and score impressive goals.

More intense gameplay

PES 2017 embraces heightened physicality, with tackling becoming fiercer and dirtier. Fair play takes a backseat, preparing players for more aggressive encounters. Goalkeepers, equipped with Artificial Intelligence, showcase rare fallibility, making scoring goals a more challenging feat.

Adaptive artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence takes a central role, adapting to the match's dynamics. The defense changes tactics based on your actions, and over time, the AI learns your playing style, adjusting its strategy accordingly. This dynamic AI injects unpredictability into each game, ensuring no two matches play out the same way.

Simple gameplay, maximum freedom

Though the gameplay is simpler than the console versions, it doesn't take away from the overall merit of PES 2017. Players enjoy maximum freedom, a valuable aspect in the gaming world. After the first match, players can create their own football club, starting with fictional athletes. As success unfolds, packages featuring real-life football stars become available for acquisition.

In-Game Economy: Real money vs. earned points

The in-game economy adds another layer of strategy. Players can buy packages with real money or spend earned points to expand their roster. Obtaining a star-studded lineup may be challenging, but it adds excitement, allowing players to choose their preferred path to success.

Realistic football simulation

The main strength of PES 2017 is that it is a football simulator, rather than a pure game, which may sacrifice realism for more casual controls. The aim of the developers is to deliver the most realistic football experience possible. This can make the game difficult for beginners, especially if they are not used to the control system.

The AI of the computer-controlled footballers is adaptive, enabling it to learn the user’s style of play and make any necessary changes as a result. Goalkeeper behaviour is also significantly improved, making scoring harder. This iteration of the game also introduces more “dirty” tactics, such as shirt pulling and tripping, adding another element of realism to the game.

Ideal for purist football fans

While PES 2017 may excel at its intended goal of being a realistic football simulator, it is not the most inviting football game for people who are new to the genre. There are more tricks and moves to learn that give a greater degree of control with the ball, but they are not easy.

The graphics are perhaps not quite as high-fidelity as its main rival, but this is only evident during close-ups and replays and does not affect the bulk of the gameplay. There are also several game modes to choose from, adding a further element of replayability. These include online play, where the user can compete against other gamers online.



PES 2017 1.0 for Android
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Wednesday, December 13th 2023
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PES 2017 APK for Android


Konami Digital Entertainment Co. Ltd.(Paid)

User rating8


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