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Download Opera 9.01

Opera 9.01

By Opera Software  (Freeware)
User Rating

Opera is a secure web browser that is both fast and rich in features. It has a slick interface that embraces a modern, minimalist look, coupled with stacks of tools to make browsing more enjoyable. These include such tools as Speed Dial, which houses your favorites and Opera Turbo mode, which compresses pages to give you quicker navigation, (even when you have a bad connection).

Opera has everything you need to browse the web via a great interface. From startup it offers a Discover page that brings fresh content to you directly; it displays the news you want by topic, country and language. The Speed dial and bookmarks pages are also available to you at launch, which gives you easy access to the sites you use the most and those you've added to your favorite list.

Key features include:

  • Sleek interface.
  • Download manager.
  • Customizable themes.
  • Extensions.
  • Speed dial.
  • Private browsing mode.
  • Discover provides fresh news content.

Opera provides an integrated search and navigation function, which is a common sight among its other, well known, adversaries. Opera utilizes a single bar for both search and navigation, instead of having two text fields at the top of the screen. This feature obviously keeps the browser window uncluttered, whilst providing you with top functionality.

Opera also includes a download manager, and a private browsing mode that allows you to navigate without leaving a trace. Opera allows you to install an array of extensions too, so you can customize your browser as you see fit. Although the catalog is significantly smaller than more popular browsers' you'll find versions of Adblock Plus, Feedly, and Pinterest.

Opera is a great browser for the modern web. In terms of numbers of users, it is behind Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. However, it is bang up to date with cutting edge technology and remains a strong contender in the browser wars.

Overall, Opera has an excellent design coupled with top performance; it is both simple and practical. The keyboard shortcuts are similar to other browsers, the available options are varied and the Speed Dial interface is pleasant to use. You can also customize Opera with themes and make you browsing experience even more personal. So, if you are thinking of trying something different than your usual browser, Opera could be the choice for you.

Looking for the Mac version of Opera? Download Here

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Title: Opera 9.01
Filename: Opera_9.01_Eng_Setup.exe
File size: 4.64MB (4,862,400 bytes)
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
Languages: Multiple languages
License: Freeware
Date added: August 3, 2006
Author: Opera Software
Homepage: www.opera.com
MD5 Checksum: E6BDE8233E2BE0545BEC8EF213D49BB1

User interface
- Solved problems with error console popping up unrequested. Console Filter setting in opera.ini has been renamed to Error Console Filter.
- Newsfeeds can be renamed again.
- Right-click to save images no longer puts the file in the list of transfers.
- Fixed problems with setting external source viewer path. Preference field no longer requires quotation marks if containing spaces.
- Solved issue where Opera would get focus, but elements would not be activated when clicked while Opera was in background.
- Search field now shows dropdown when using the down arrow key.
- Using search from right-click menu remembers the last search engine used.
- "Find" and "Find next" options no longer grayed out in source viewer "Edit" menu.
- Typed-in history now disabled and cleared with visited history in preferences.

Mail, messaging, and newsfeeds
- Multiple IMAP backend improvements and bug fixes.
- Improved speed in handling filters with large number of messages.
- Fixed problem with recognition of uuencoded attachments.
- Changed quoting colors in mail for improved readability/accessibility.

Display and scripting
- Solved letter-spacing issue in form fields when using zoom.
- Fixed problem with some Chinese sites where clicking any link would trigger language-switching script.
- Fixes to contenteditable support.
- Fixed scripting issue causing embedded content not to appear.
- META refresh works with javascript: URIs again.
- Allow forms to be submitted if the default value of their inputs exceeds their own maxlength.
- Solved problems logging on to the Internet banking services of Volksbank Raiffeisenbank.
- XSLT: Added support for exls:node-set function.

Plug-ins and Java
- Allow Flash from other domain to access script in page; fixes problems with sites where Flash pop-ups cannot be closed.
- Fixed problems with direct embedding of URLs using the MMS and RTSP protocols causing some Web radios and media players to fail.
- Fixed bug where Java Applet did not load when width and height set to 0.
- Fixed problem where some Flash pages would not prompt users missing Flash to install.

- Multiple stability improvements. Fixes include issue described in this Opera advisory.
- Solved refresh problem causing some frames pages to turn blank.
- HTTP accept language now stated correctly, works with Hotmail and other localized Web services again.
- Fixed automatic saving of cookies.
- Solved upload problems with Imageshack and similar services.
- Improved compatibility with Adobe Type Manager and better handling of large quantities of installed fonts.

Windows-specific changes
- Solved multiple upgrade installation issues.
- Voice logging now properly defaults to off, fixes problem where Opera would use 100% CPU on startup.
- Multiple improvements and bug fixes in NTLM support. NTLM now works through HTTP proxy.
- Added Greek language to international package.

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