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Miro 5.0

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What Is the FileHippo Safety Guarantee?


We know how important it is to stay safe online so FileHippo is using virus scanning technology provided by Avira to help ensure that all downloads on FileHippo are safe. The program you are about to download is safe to be installed on your device.


* New features
- (all) dual audio files
- (all) Download Vimeo HD videos, if available
- (all) Miro needs a "currently playing" shortcut
- (all) device enhancements meta ticket
- (all) don't convert videos when they don't need to be converted to work on the device
- (all) device fill maximum level setting
- (all) auto-sync setting
- (all) fill remaining space
- (all) when items expire out of Miro, expire them off synced devices
- (all) Update the Global Preferences panel General tab
- (all) Add a context menu to allow setting the Video Kind metadata field
- (all) In-app donation requests
* Bug fixes
- (all) Can't change view in app while videos are migrating to new storage.
- (all) Miro Says "Movies directory gone" no way to recover.
- (all) preference panel tabs get translated at import
- (all) better emusic support
- (OS X) Update stuff in Miro binary kit
- (Linux and Windows) expanding folder should not select folder
- (Linux and Windows) (4.0.1 - 90022384) keep button during playback
- (Linux) Unknown Extension options: 'runtime_dirs'
- (all) show version and git sha in titlebar in dev mode
- (Windows) No support for RTL and complex scripts in subtitles
- (Windows) miro does not recognize changes in proxy configuration
- (Linux) Debian bug report: Scary exception: ImportError: No module named xinerenderer
- (all) highlight enter device area when dragging an item onto any part
- (all) syncing progress bar fixes
- (Windows) "erno 13, permission denied"
- (all) Circle position slider does not allow precision skipping
- (OS X) migration dialog gets half hidden on osx
- (all) Various files are executable although they don't need to be
- (all) play/pause/play sequence from item context menu restarts from beginning
- (all) Mac binary kit installation install stuff into /Applications
- (all) move infoupdater and friends from widgets to portable
- (all) rhythmbox can't disconnect from miro share
- (all) find_next_item IndexError: pop from empty list
- (all) always round down instead of up for odd dimension handling
- (all) Auto-download option selector works in wrong order
- (all) device syncing: files with the same filename overwrite each other
- (OS X) AttributeError: 'ContinuousDrawableButton' object has no attribute 'releaseInBounds'
- (all) miro handles malformed HEAD request badly
- (all) Skip connect error test when on a proxy
- (all) Download from url queue gets deleted if Miro is closed.
- (all) 4.0.3 Unknown Error at Startup
- (all) DatabaseConstraintError: signal_change() called on non-existant object
- (all) code cleanup: nuke datastructures.py
- (all) Vimeo "likes" are not downloaded
- (all) Crash: ObjectNotFoundError during watched folder updates
- (all) TrackItems is slow on startup
- (OS X) Crash in get_enabled_audio_track
- (all) Customized user agent for miro guide in app store
- (all) YouTube videos with only FLV resource fail to download
- (all) crash: bad conversion from unicode to str
- (Linux) Exception when calculating the result for the progress bar
- (Linux) Ubuntu 11.10 conversion fail... -strict experimental switch in wrong place... easy fix?
- (all) it is not possible to add any item to a Playlist.
- (all) max connections setting seems broken
- (all) Can't stream sharing items
- (all) Exception when reordering playlists.
- (all) failing unit tests
- (all) Search thumbnails not invalidated properly when a new search is performed
- (Linux) GTK segfault, possible refcount error
- (all) in on_new_metadata KeyError: u'fake-volume-E'
- (all) in add_video IndexError: list index out of range
- (Windows) in get_variable OperationalError: database is locked
- (Windows) in do_button_release_event AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'button'
- (Windows) in copy_subtitle_file File "shutil.pyc", line 47, in copyfile
- (OS X) edit file (video) no Ok buttom in some languages
- (all) Preferences dialog: The "Close" button is in English for all languages in Miro 5.0-rc2 (de6acfba)
- (all) IntegrityError: column path is not unique