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Fear & Hunger: A horrifying experience

If you are into horror games and want to experience something horrifying on your Windows PC, then you must check out Fear & Hunger. It's a dark game where players go deep into scary dungeons, discovering secrets hidden in an ancient fortress. This fortress is a gateway to different worlds, and players get to decide how they deal with the powerful beings fighting over control in these dark depths.

What is Fear & Hunger about?

The game is about surviving in a very dark and scary place. Players can choose from four different adventurers, each with their own story, and try to go as deep as they can into the dungeons. It's tough, with lots of challenges and decisions that can make you think hard about what's right and wrong.

  • Scary Setting: The game makes sure you feel like you're in a scary place all the time.
  • Many Characters: You can pick from different characters and find others to help you on your journey.
  • Hard to Beat: It's a very challenging game that asks you to think and be careful.
  • Always Different: The dungeons change every time you play, so it's never the same game twice.
  • Special Combat: Fighting is turn-based (like taking turns), and you can aim for specific parts of enemies to beat them.
  • Cool Art: The game looks unique, combining old-school and new art styles.
  • Eerie Music: The music adds a lot to the scary feeling of the game.

Is Fear & Hunger scary?

Yes, it really is. "Fear & Hunger" deals with very adult themes like violence and horror in a way that's meant to be taken seriously. It's made to make you feel scared and uncomfortable, using its story and gameplay to create a haunting experience. 


Are Fear & Hunger 1 and 2 connected?

Yes, the first game and its sequel, "Fear & Hunger 2: Termina," are connected. The sequel came out in December 2022 and builds on the story and world of the first game. Even though you can play each game on its own, playing both gives you a fuller story and shows you more of the game's dark world. The second game takes what the first game started and adds even more to see and do.



Fear & Hunger for Windows
  • Windows 11
Latest update:
Monday, March 11th 2024
Miro Haverinen

Fear & Hunger for PC

Miro Haverinen(Paid)

User rating8


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