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# Fixed
* MM Crashes after iPhones "Trust this computer" Message (First use of device)
* iTunes removes ringtones once a sync with MM was in between
* Provide useful error message when WMA/WMV encoding fails due to Windows 10 Anniversary Update
* Shortcuts: Raw Input can throw errors in some cases
* MM sometimes do not read track and disc number tags udpated by other tagging apps from M4A/MP4
* Scanned external HDDs in MMW should be excluded from Portable devices list
* Alternating editing of M4A/ALAC tags in MM and Tag&Rename application can cause file damage
* Device sync: Our 100 MB reservation isn't always enough when auto-conversion is faster than copying
* Possible tag miss (based on code revision)
* Play to: Switching player stops playback
* MediaServer: Some Components are still blocked by firewall
* Play to: Bookmark sometimes not set when playing to specific renderers
* DLNA: Playing AVI file from PLEX server can cause freeze
* Display: Improve Icon scaling on high res diplays and DPI
* Large number of tracks clear and add to now playing stalls and freeze UI
* Some ALAC files are not playable from version 4.1.13
* Playing HTTP streams with known content length can throw AV
* Some users reports that sync fails after upgrade from iOS 9.3.2 to iOS 9.3.3
* iOS 10 sync support
* WiFi: Improve handling when sync-list loading takes long time
* 'Optimize database (complete)' fails on custom FTS3 tokenized tables (created by addons)
* USB Sync do not get correct Storage names
* UPnP server stops after a while
* Installing: Ability that Installer force close MM Service and started processes
* Possible AV when WiFi sync is unexpectedly terminated by MMA
* Change default for Level Playback / Sync volume from "per Album" to "per Track"
* OnTrackProperties: Not called when syncing files via WiFi
* Device Profiles: Suffix should be added in case profile name already exist
* Hotkeys: Edit Assign do not work when hidden config PreferLLKeysHook=1 is added
* Seekbar is sometimes jumping backwards and forwards, when seeking MP3 or M4A by numpad keys

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