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* Synchronization
- Sync: Multiple USB Thumb Drives of same type get same profile.
- Tracks fail to delete on USB sync (though playlists delete successfully) on KitKat write limited devices.
- USB Sync: certain devices running MMA no longer recognized.
- Wi-Fi sync: in some cases MMW returns HTTP 202.
- Enforce sync mask causes artwork to be lost in MMA.
- For some podcasts episodes are splitted to double headings in iPod.
- Access confirmation are shown for all storages, even only one is selected.
- Sync list config broken in MMA 513 / MMW 1771 (regression).
- Duplicate names of playlists fail to sync correctly.
- When playlist hierarchy is changed in MMW, it is not updated for already synced playlists in MMA (over USB).
- Failure to sync content to SD card using SAF on Lollipop.
- MWM Create double Profile each MMW Start (when info file cannot be written).
- MTP Refresh/freeze can crash MMW.
- Crash on disconnect of USB cable.
- USB Sync do not get correct Storage names.
- USB Sync of playlists to Android device fails to display playlists in MMW (when MMA uninstalled).
- Wi-Fi sync shouldn't degrade album art resolution.
- USB Sync and Wi-Fi sync should copy content to the same location.
- MMA fails to update playlists synced via USB.
- USB sync prompts for the deletion of Parent playlists unnecessarily.
- MMW crashes when connecting 'Samsung Galaxy Note 2' rooted to AOSP.
- Some tracks occasionally sync repeatedly / unnecessarily.
- Duplicate names of playlists fail to show content correctly over DLNA.
- Transcoded tracks served via UPnP may not match.
- UPnP: Artist & Album Artist node: tracks are missing for compilation albums.
* Properties/Auto-Tools
- Auto-Tag from filename reformat DATE even mask for date is not used.
* Playlist / Search
- Device Playlists: Are not sorted but loaded in order on Device Library.
* Framework: Tagging
- Tagging OGG files could cause crash.
* Framework: Scripts/Extensions
- Enhance SDBDevice class.
* Player
- Some tracks do not show correct playing time.
* Other
- Version string and portable mode indicator missing separator.
- Non Debug MMW version Crashes WordWeb and Chrome.