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Pivotal Tracker has set out to change the way that teams are building software. This is a proven project management tool which can help your workforce deliver more consistent and frequent achievements. It does this by creating a shared view of team priorities and a process that uses a wealth of tools and collaboration to analyse progress.


The program’s shared backlog will mean that team priorities are crystal clear. Therefore, work can easily be visualised and organised. Tools like guided iteration planning will also help you to adapt and evolve, while breaking down and prioritising projects.

One of the best things about Pivotal Tracker is that there will no longer be any surprises during project work. Everyone will have a real-time transparent view of proceedings, with one quick scan telling them who is responsible for what, were they are with it and what they’re doing next.

It all starts with a story
Pivotal Tracker helps your team better plan and develop their work by turning your objectives and tasks into notecards, or ‘stories’. You can then select an array of features to help you achieve your goals and complete the story. Thanks to Tracker you can also estimate and prioritise the different stories, depending on their complexity and urgency. After choosing several point scales you can then prioritise by iteration, just by simply dragging and dropping them.

Get organised
Automatic planning, available through an array of Tracker features, will allow your team to stay in rhythm. Managing timelines and unrealistic expectations will be no more, as velocity steps in to run the show. These interactive workspaces will also put your projects into complete order. Multi-project settings can help you view different tasks side-by-side, allowing you to juggle various responsibilities on just one screen.

Analytics management will also help you gauge how well your team is functioning. It will illustrate the overall project health, just by examining the both the nitty-gritty details and broad trends. This visual representation will instantly give you a bird’s-eye-view of performance, a handy microscope for all your projects. Clicking on any of the reports will show you your project health, in terms of iterations, epics, releases and more.

There’s lots more
Pivotal Tracker really does offer a litany of features. From story blockers and a powerful, easy-to-use API to a new GitHub integration and project history logs – it has all bases covered. It’s pretty simple to go cross-functional, with Tracker providing everything you need to ship your best product. File sharing, tasks, labels, search, notification and mentions/following tools are also available to revolutionise your workflow.

Pivotal Tracker say that teams up to three are always free, and teams of all sizes can try Tracker for 30 days free of charge. It is also free for public projects, educators and non-profit groups. Payment plans vary for both versions of Pivotal Tracker. A Startup plan can cost, at the time of typing, $12.50 per month when paid annually for five collaborators, five private projects and 5GB of storage. For ten collaborators, ten private projects and 25GB of storage the Startup plan will cost $29.17 per month when paid annually.

Meanwhile Pro options include unlimited file storage and unlimited private projects. It is $62.59 per month when paid annually for 15 collaborators, $125 per month when paid annually for 25 collaborators and it will cost $250 per month when paid annually for 50 collaborators. If you have a larger team Tracker’s Enterprise features are also available.

Bottom Line
Overall, Pivotal Tracker is a simple but powerful program which can change workforce efficiency and deliver big profit. Already working for teams like the BBC, Groupon and IGN this is an application that comes with trust and workability already proven.

Simply put, with a shared view of your team’s priorities – combined with the user-friendly and useful tools on offer – Pivotal Tracker will help your team deliver more frequently and consistently.

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