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Free word puzzle game

Wordle is a free word puzzle game for Microsoft Windows that’s owned by the New York Times. It’s accessible via a web browser, but you can download it from the website as an offline file to play directly from your PC. If you enjoy this genre, you can also try Eclipse Crossword and Scrabble.

Josh Wardle created it originally as a way to challenge people online with finding the word of the day. When successful, you can share it on social media to express your victory. Unfortunately, this means that everyone else can see what the solution is and input it without any errors.

Online word game

The term “wordle” generally refers to a group of text displayed on the screen with the most prominent ones having a larger font size. In the Wordle game, there’s a hidden five-letter word you need to decipher with specific clues. When you guess the first time, there are three clues to follow to solve the puzzle.


For any green blocks, it means you have the correct letter in the right place. When it’s yellow, you have the correct letter but in the wrong place. The grey colour indicates that the letter doesn’t exist in the word.

Social media interaction

Wordle has risen in fame since it hit social media platforms like Twitter. Players eagerly shared their success and points as a way of celebrating the victory. However, it means that others following them can see what the word is and win on the first try. There are also other ways of looking into the page’s coding to see the solution.

Saved progression

When you win a Wordle game, the point is added to your total progression. Players usually use this table to compare against friends and family. It also depends on how quickly you find the answer.

Can you find the word of the day?

Wordle is a fun, idle game you can play on any platform that has a browser. While you can download the webpage and play it offline, there’s a chance that the progression won’t synchronise with the online version. 

In the end, those that love word games will have fun as long as they don’t check social media before completing the word of the day.



Wordle 1.0 for Windows
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 11,
  • Windows 8.1
Latest update:
Saturday, March 5th 2022
Josh Wardle


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Wordle for PC


Josh Wardle(Free)

User rating8


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