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By Azureus  (Open Source)
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Vuze (formerly Azureus) is a free BitTorrent client, which is used to transfer files via the BitTorrent protocol. The application is written in Java and uses the Azureus Engine.

Vuze offers multiple torrent downloads, queuing/priority systems (on torrents and files), start/stop seeding options and instant access to numerous pieces of information about your torrents.

In addition to BitTorrenting, Vuze allows you to view, publish and share original DVD and HD quality video content. You can see content through channels and categories containing TV shows, music videos, movies, video games and others.

If you publish your own original content via the Vuze platform, you are able to charge for it.

Please be advised: You must have Java installed to be able to run Vuze.

Title: Vuze
Filename: Vuze_4720_windows.exe
File size: 6.68MB (7,000,016 bytes)
Requirements: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / XP 64-bit / Vista 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
Languages: Multiple languages
License: Open Source
Date added: September 18, 2012
Author: Azureus
MD5 Checksum: 725F44428C146886736234BE4C95746E

- Core | Option to randomize TCP/UDP listen ports on startup
- Core | Window's user options to control computer sleep behaviour while downloading/seeding
- Core | Ability to selectively disable tracker client protocols
- Core | DNS Tracker Preferences [http://bittorrent.org/beps/bep_0034.html] implemented
- Core | Added explicit application map to be used for launch operations
- UI | New column in Library views to show file extension
- UI | File view columns for CRC-32 and MD5 file hashes
- UI | Column-header right-click option on ETA/Progress columns to show absolute ETA
- UI | Torrent file index and torrent path columns added to File view
- UI | Keyboard accelerators added for Pause+Resume
- UI | Torrent creation wizard now allows arbitrary selection of files to be added to a torrent
- UI | If move-on-complete is enabled for downloads the progress of this is now shown in the Status column
- UI | Vuze remote connection status now shown in the status bar
- UI | Added custom date format for column display
- UI | Added option to disable 'backup complete' notification
- UI | Number of unread blog posts shown in beta side-bar entry
- UI | Option to specify table header height
- Srch | Search templates can now do variable substitution (no UI yet)
- Inst | Installer customize option now permits the clearing of config data
- Inst | Custom install now lets you choose Classic or Vuze UI
- Plug | DVD Burn plugin now has Library context menus to create new DVD and add content to existing
- CORE | Added .mts and .m2ts to playable extensions
- UI | Added visual feedback for device problems such as lack of disk space
- UI | Vuze sidebar entry can now be rolled up
- UI | Don't show 'all' and 'uncategorized' entries in sidebar when no categories defined
- UI | 'Draw grid lines and fill blank areas' no longer fills blank areas when unchecked
- Core | Prevent recursive backup hell if backup location selected in wrong location
- Core | Correctly handle invalid upload_only entries in handshakes
- UI | Table headers now use system colors; IP filter on status bar now obeys system colors
- UI | Table scrollbars now have better page-scroll behaviour
- UI | Fixed ctrl+home/end not working in tables
- UI | Fixed inability to scroll completely right
- UI | Fix message texts not being resolved for sidebar entries on occasion
- UI | Allow dropping .torrent files onto blank area of sidebar
- Plug | DVD Burn: fix bug that was preventing warnings such as dual-layer, rw-disk blanking from showing

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