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Web page blocker is a website blocker developed for Windows, mac OS X, Android, iOS, and Google Chrome. Freedom for Windows is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10. With Freedom installed, you can block websites and applications. The program aims to help users block social media platforms and other websites and notifications you find distracting. You can dictate the number of hours or minutes they are blocked. The locked mode overrides the session which stops you from unblocking the website manually. 



One account allows you to block internet access, websites, and applications across all devices. It does this through its own virtual private network or VPN, but it never connects to a server so your browsing activity never leaves your phone. You can sign up for on its website or the Freedom app. Upon signing up, you can filter sites and apps to create a blocklist. 

Category Filters block URLs and apps related to social media, news, shopping, video streaming, sports, games, adult websites, and gambling platforms. Pre-made filters, on the other hand, block specific platforms such as Amazon, Facebook, Gmail, Netflix, etc. They are built-in Freedom, ready to be selected. You can also add URLs if they are not listed on the website. 

Once you’ve gathered your sites and apps, you can dictate the block session or the time in which these are blocked. You can choose between three sessions: Start now, Start later, or create a Recurring session. On for Windows, you can manage blocked desktop apps from your taskbar. It’s important to note that only open and active will appear on the blocklist. 

Reliable app for concentration

Freedom can help you focus on your highest priority and manage your time. With block sessions, you know exactly how much time you have until you are able to access a particular service or view content. Although this program has control over your PC, it does not have access to your personal information or browsing activity. This is a suitable program for users that work with WiFi-enabled computers such as writers, graphic designers, and data miners.

Freedom 2.2.6 for Windows
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 8.1,
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows Vista
Trial version
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Thursday, March 12th 2020
Eighty Percent Solutions Corporation


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