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Free mod for Minecraft

Crackers Wither Storm is a free mod for Minecraft by nonamecrackers2. This mod enhances the base game with a new story, where the Wither is featured as a huge creature with the specific goal of hunting the player down. 

Unlike DecoCraft, which adds new objects to the game or OptiFabric, which enhances visuals, this mod is geared towards survival play. The gameplay is identical to the regular game,  including mining, foraging and building, but there are a lot of new features to make the 'Wither Storm' the game's main mechanic.

An even more monstrous Wither

For those who don't know about it, the Wither is a three-headed floating skeletal boss that you have to craft to fight. It’s one of the most difficult battles in Minecraft, and it normally takes some time to master this encounter.


But apparently, this horrifying encounter was not enough for the developers of this mod. The Wither Storm greatly enhances this mob, so it grows and evolves. It absorbs its surroundings, consumes other mobs and, of course, is after you, the player. 

Features and tools to fight the Wither 

Of course, the mod also adds some help to increase survival chances. For instance, the Wither Storm can be seen as far as 10,000 blocks away. This gives plenty of time to gear up or run away. There are also some new tools, including the ‘formidibomb’. This is a complicated item to craft, but when used near the Wither Storm, it'll probably wish it never encountered the intrepid player.

Not for beginners

If just starting out with  Minecraft, it would be wise to check out more accessible mods first. The regular Wither is extremely difficult, and this mod dramatically expands upon this concept. It's incredibly fun, but only for suitably-experienced players. Otherwise, dying over and over, can be pretty frustrating.

Amazingly fun but difficult

Crackers Wither Storm is an incredible mod that completely changes Minecraft's pace and tone. The battle is intense, and it even lets the player get inside this monstrosity. It's well done and an intriguing concept as well. 

But for players who prefer to avoid dying a lot, or want a more laid-back gaming experience, it's best to run away from this mod before the Wither Storm comes.



Crackers Wither Storm - Minecraft Mod for Windows
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Latest update:
Friday, December 9th 2022


Crackers Wither Storm - Minecraft Mod for PC


User rating8


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