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3D NES emulator

3dSen Maker is a free application that transforms a 2D NES game into a 3D title. This requires learning the complex interface.


NES emulator

The main feature of 3dSen Maker is its ability to play NES titles, with a growing game list. Currently, the options available directly from the software include Micro Mages, SMB, SMB3, and Legend of Zelda. These titles help demonstrate how the software can transform a 2D title into a playable 3D game using 3dSen Maker and give you a large variety of reference points.

New but old

Using 3dSen Maker is a quick and straightforward way to play many of your favourite NES titles with new graphics. The application received updates that reduced bugs from occurring while playing and made it easier to adapt your chosen title into a 3D game. However, due to the complexity of this, you can’t adapt every NES game.

3D from 2D

Once you get past the learning curve of using 3dSen Maker, you’ll discover the extent of the application. From the main menu, you can pan the camera around and view all sides of your favourite world, such as when playing Mario. This is great for playing the same game from varying perspectives.


If you’re struggling to setup a game using 3dSen Maker you can contact the enthusiastic community for advice. Many members have also released the titles they’ve adapted, allowing you to install them quickly after downloading them from the website. Among the many options are Chess Master and Zelda II.

Learning curve

When compared to traditional emulation software, such as Nestopia, 3dSen Maker has a massive learning curve. This is because before you can start playing a game, you either have to wait for another user in the community to upload the title or edit it into 3D yourself. Once you have an edited file, you can start playing it. However, the visuals are occasionally worse due to the change in textures.

3dSen Maker 1 for Windows
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Thursday, August 27th 2020
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