Dead Cells



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Mobile action platformer

As a failed alchemic experiment, you will explore an ever-changing castle as you discover what happened to the island.



Dead Cells is a roguevania, featuring two popular genres. Every time you begin to play, the layout of the castle will change. However, you'll still need to backtrack often as new sections unlock behind you.

However, if you die, you won't respawn or play with the same map again. The threat of perma-death keeps your adrenaline pumping with each of the four bosses you defeat, as dying will reset the progress you made.

Dynamic action

The castle is filled with various enemies for you to encounter and slay. However, this task is difficult due to the game's soul-like nature. This difficulty requires you to learn the movements of hostels and understand your combat abilities.

Along with exploring the story and attempting to beat the bosses and the game, you can set the pace of your journey. Whether you continuously backtrack and explore or rush forward through the area, you'll likely die.

Customisable experience

The control buttons can be rearranged and resized until you have a setting that you find comfortable. You can also connect a Bluetooth gamepad to your phone and play using it.

There are two ways to play the game, original as it was intended or with the auto-hit feature which makes holding your device far more comfortable.

Non-linear progression

As you play, you'll realise how impactful the perma-death feature is. New levels open once you die. This requires you to progress through the randomly developed castle each time and defeat the  bosses.

You can customise your experience by using a gamepad or resizing and repositioning the buttons on your screen. You can also enable the auto-hit gameplay mode for more comfort.

Dead Cells 1.1.12 for Android
Available languages:
  • English,
  • German,
  • Korean,
  • Portuguese,
  • Russian
Date added:
Friday, July 3rd 2020

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