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Download Macrium Reflect 5.0.4620

Macrium Reflect 5.0.4620

By Paramount Software UK Ltd  (Non-Commercial Freeware)
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# New
* PrimoBurner update
- Macrium Reflect now uses CD/DVD burning engine PrimoBurner 3.6. This has support for a greater range of hardware and resolves the rare issue of occasional hangs seen with the previous version.
# Bug fixes:
* Scheduled task display error
- Incremental and Differential backup jobs could incorrectly be shown as Full in the 'Scheduled Backups' tab. This has been resolved.
* WAIK Time-zone
- Creation of WAIK based rescue media may not take the time-zone into account and image files could appear with the wrong time. This has been resolved.
* Uninstall Shell Registry Extensions
- When uninstalling, approved shell extensions would be removed. This has been resolved.
> Note: This fix applies to the removal of full installs of this version and later.
* Installation Issue
- The Macrium Reflect installer would encounter issues on machines with no network adaptors. This has been resolved.
* Linux Rescue CD Volume Names
- Linux Rescue CD could show the same volume label for all volumes. This has been resolved.
* Menu Consistency
- Some menu items have been re-ordered for consistentency.
* WinPE WAIK Taskbar
- The Taskbar under WAIK WinPE rescue media could occasionally not be visible. This has been resolved.
* ReDeploy Active Service
- Macrium ReDeploy was not catering for some vendor active service settings. This has been resolved.
* VSS Debug Logging
- Enhanced VSS debug logging was not present even if selected in the Advanced Properties. This has been resolved.
* File & Folder Search Cancel
- Cancelling or stopping a File & Folder Search for restore could cause Reflect to hang in certain circumstances. This has been resolved.
* Rescue Media Creation
- The creation of rescue media was not catering for edge cases of linking USB root hubs to USB3 host controllers. This has been resolved.
* PE Explorer
- PE Explorer, location toolbar lost on escape keypress in location editbox. This has been resolved
* Restore UI
- Image and backup files could remain in the list of files even if the folder was removed from the search list. This has been resolved
* Rescue media Wizard
- The horizontal scrollbar was missing from the Rescue Wizard drivers page device list. This has been resolved