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ChargeOver is a recurring billing solution for small to medium sized businesses, which are spending too much time attempting to collect unpaid bills on a monthly basis.


ChargeOver is flexible, giving you the ability to utilize the software’s customization features and PCI compliance. ChargeOver has an embeddable customer portal, which can be used to allow customers to log-in and pay bills by credit card online. It also stores payment card data, thereby relieving some of the burdens associated with PCI compliance.

ChargeOver can be connected to your website or app and configured to automatically capture new customer data, or you can directly enter your customer information manually. It comes with handy, time-saving features, such as if a customer's payment card is about to expire, ChargeOver can be configured to send an email to request that they update their payment information. ChargeOver can also contact the customer on your behalf and request new payment information, if a customer's credit card information doesn't work for any reason. ChargeOver gives customers the option to update their payment information on your branded payment portal.

A great feature of ChargeOver is the ability to generate invoices at the end of the next billing cycle, whenever you add a new billing package for a customer. ChargeOver also gives you the option to begin invoicing on a specific date as well. Simply enter the service plan or the item which you are billing for, along with a brief description of the charge, rate, and quantity. ChargeOver also allows you to add tags to invoices, in order to make organizing them easier.

Personal ChargeOver Dashboard
ChargeOver allows you have an overview of the total invoiced amounts and total collections from the last month via a personal ChargeOver dashboard. You also have access to data on the number of new customers that you have added, and you can view custom graphs to see how your income has risen/fallen over any period of time.

ChargeOver provides three ways for businesses to integrate their systems: Rest APIs, webhooks, and usage URLs. The system works together with other popular business tools, including accounting services and email management platforms, as well as the ability to sync with popular tools such as QuickBooks, Xero, MailChimp, InterWeave Smart Payment Gateway,, QuickBooks Online, SendGrid, Constant Contact, Stripe, Avalara, PayPal, Braintree, Mandrill, Zapier, QuickBooks, Forte, Worldpay, and Mailgun. ChargeOver also has an API available for use.

ChargeOver uses a subscription pricing model with plans starting from $65.00 per month. There is also a free trial available (no credit card required). Pricing is based on how many customers you currently have signed up for a subscription billing or recurring revenue plan. For 0-50 customers the price is $65 per month. For 51-150 customers, $115 per month. For 151-500 customers, $229 per month. For 501-2500 customers, $549 per month. ChargerOver also has tailored enterprise quotes available on request.

Bottom Line
ChargeOver is a straightforward solution for any business that charge customers at regular intervals. It has an easy setup, advanced tools, and flexible billing package, which gives you the freedom to bill clients how you see fit. ChargeOver also comes with a good array of auto-billing features, which can increase the percentage of on-time payments. ChargeOver also works with a variety of payment gateways as well.

ChargeOver for Web Apps
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