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Pipedrive is a sales pipeline management platform that is based in the cloud. It has been designed to keep sales processes simple, straightforward, and efficient. You can use Pipedrive to organize contacts, forecast sales, and follow-up leads at optimal times. Pipedrive is a truly mobile solution thanks to its robust framework of desktop interface and iOS and Android applications.


Sales Pipelines
A great feature of Pipedrive is the Sales Pipeline View. It can be more effective than traditional to-do lists because pipelines display sales and leads at every different stage. This gives sales staff a clear view of their productivity and how they can locate deals, which require immediate attention.

To see an overview of your team’s current situation, simply navigate over to your sales pipeline. With Pipedrive’s zoom features, you can locate deals that were added in the past day or week. By utilizing drag and drop functionality, you can move deals forward through the pipeline.

One of Pipedrive's best features is the icon, which appears next to each deal in your pipeline. The data it provides, at a glance, is very comprehensive: you can tell if you have any activities scheduled that are associated with a specific deal, see if you are behind on your scheduled activities, or even if you still need to follow up the lead.

Timeline Views
Pipedrive’s Timeline View gives you a clearer insight into your sales, with accurate sales forecasts for the coming months and quarters. Timeline Views provide superb advanced reporting tools that allow you to set both personal and group targets and track them in real-time. The Timeline Views can be customized to suit your personal preferences or existing sales workflows.

Integrations and Mobile Access
Pipedrive integrates well with numerous third-party applications including Dropbox, MailChimp, Google Apps, and Google Drive. Pipedrive’s REST API is also available. You can also access data on the go with Pipedrive's apps for iOS and Android. These mobile apps are simple and easy to navigate, just like the desktop web interface. You can quickly see your deals, activities, and contacts, or use the search function to search for pertinent data.

Pipedrive uses a subscription pricing model that starts from $12.00/month with a free trial available (No Credit Card required). Pipedrive is reasonably priced and one of the easiest CRM platforms that is available to set up and use. Pipedrive has an easy to understand pricing level system that is great for smaller companies, but it will get expensive rapidly if you have lots of employees. Pipedrive's website informs you to contact them if you want to purchase more than 50 seats.

Bottom Line
Pipedrive is a great CRM platform that is quick to set up and easy to understand. It is completely customizable and has a simple, intuitive interface that is coupled with some helpful guidance, which makes it a breeze to use. The Forecasting tools provide managers with a birds-eye view of group performance and the suite’s mobile applications allow users to search through contacts and deals 24/7. With Pipedrive you will spend less time working with the software and more time working on sales. Pipedrive may lack in some native capabilities, but it excels with time-saving visuals and ease-of-use.

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Pipedrive Inc.

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