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Free internet checker

InternetTest is a free tool that helps you identify issues with your WiFi speed and connection. The application uses minimal resources on your Windows computer as it runs its speed test. The software offers a number of features that includes an IP locator.

InternetTest isn’t the only application you can use to test your internet connection. Speedtest by Ookla and Speedtest4free are great alternatives to install on your Windows PC. Additionally, installing a VPN such as TurboVPN can aid your internet connection by keeping it secure.

Test your connection

InternetTest works to determine the strength and speed of your internet connection. Testing this aspect can help determine any network errors or if someone unknown is using your WiFi. The software will also help you discover if your router is bad.


The app includes a down detector, helping to identify if your network itself is down. This feature prevents any misinterpretations of poor network reading.

Light on resources

InternetTest is extremely light on your Windows computer’s resources. The software can work on older laptops as long as the operating system isn’t outdated. The application will function on Windows 10 systems without any issue.

However, as this app tests your network it's advisable to run only the software while in use to prevent any interference from other programs.

Automatic updater

Using an automatic updater, InternetTest only requires one download. Once installed and ready on your system, the software will update itself every time a new version is released. However, this feature may delay the use of the application for a few moments as it downloads the new information.

IP locator

InternetTest features a handy IP locator that shows you the location of an IP address. Using this feature helps you find out where your connection and incoming connections are from.

Easy to use utility

InternetTest is a handy utility that you can download and run in only a few moments. The software is entirely free and occupies minimal space once Set up. InternetTest includes a few extra features such as the IP locator that makes it worthwhile installing.

InternetTest has received many small updates in the past. Of these, the latest version now uses Yandex maps to display location information. The interface received many improvements including the addition of animations to the app’s tabs.



InternetTest for Windows
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 8.1
Latest update:
Wednesday, September 15th 2021
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InternetTest for PC

Léo Peyronnet(Free)

User rating8


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