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Free Retro-styled Dungeon Crawler Game

Blade is a free dungeon crawler game for Amiga & Amiga emulators created by Mark Sheeky. Initially released in 1996 under the now-defunct and previously embattled software company Alive Mediasoft, Blade features retro styling and classic dungeon crawler gameplay. 

If Blade is a game that tugs at the youngster within you, there are other games released for Amiga & Amiga emulators that you might enjoy. Outliner is an arcade shooter game also released in 1996. Another excellent game for Amiga & Amiga emulators is the free-to-download action-adventure Rage from 1994. For an arcade fighter, you can try Streets of Rage 4.

Poetically Immersive

Blade starts with a thought-provoking poem that sets the atmosphere for the adventure to follow:


'When echoes fall on a twisted night

When shadows burn by firelight

When mountains roar internal rage

The Blade shall flee its holy cage'

The Story

At the close of the poem, the game plunges you into a quest for global salvation from a terrible infernal evil known as Qaal. As history goes, Qaal was imprisoned in the hilt of the iconic Blade, which was then locked in a cage to keep Qaal’s evil servants from using the Blade imbued with his infernal essence for destruction and carnage. All was well until the mighty volcano Maelux erupted that shook the earth and shattered the holy cage. 

A Classic Dungeon Crawler

Blade combines an isometric playing field, simple design elements, and vintage textures to bring you the classic retro dungeon crawler experience. You will choose one of seven heroes, including the mighty warrior, and battle fearsome adversaries as you try to save the world from the destructive evil nature of Qaal and the Blade that contains him. 

Back to Basics

A sequel to the roguelike game Hilt, Blade offers an expanded and more comprehensive experience while keeping with the appeal of classic retro dungeon crawlers. With the availability of Commodore Amiga emulators like WinUAE and RetroArch, getting back to basics with the traditional 16-bit retro games of childhoods’ past is easier and more fun than ever. 

Another feather in the cap of pre-2000 games re-released for the modern world is the absence of updates, DLCs, bonus features, and special edition versions. Blade is a simple game with classic graphics and straightforward objectives that offers an opportunity to relive your childhood or just take a break from the complexities of modern-day marvels like Minecraft or Grand Theft Auto.



Blade 1.0 for Windows
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 7,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows 8.1
Latest update:
Monday, September 27th 2021
Mark Sheeky


Blade for PC


Mark Sheeky(Free)

User rating8


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