Download VLC Media Player 2.1.5 (64-bit)

VLC Media Player 2.1.5 (64-bit)

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# Core:
- Fix compilation on OS/2
# Access:
- Stability improvements for the QTSound capture module
# Mac OS X audio output:
- Fix channel ordering
- Increase the buffersize
# Decoders:
- Fix DxVA2 decoding of samples needing more surfaces
- Improve MAD resistance to broken mp3 streams
- Fix PGS alignment in MKV
# Qt Interface:
- Don't rename mp3 converted files to .raw
# Mac OS X Interface:
- Correctly support video-on-top
- Fix video output event propagation on Macs with retina displays
- Stability improvements when using future VLC releases side by side
# Streaming:
- Fix transcode when audio format changes
# Security contents:
- Updated GnuTLS to 3.1.25
- Updated libpng to 1.6.10
# Translations:
- Update British English