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LibreOffice  5.2.0 RC 2

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# Bugs fixed :
* libreoffice - test failure on big endians
* explicitly disable partial cell shift with change-tracking, related
* don't case-fold strings for formula group calculations
* sc: stricter type detection for dBASE files
* after insert note, focus cannot return to inputbar
* find toolbar: Activate search arrows when input has text
* do not reuse the same StartListeningContext
* package: fix exception handling in DeflateThread ()
* copying cells to undo doc shallow copied note pointer
* bail out early if kernel would have ridiculously many parameters
* check the font is bound, substitute FON fonts
* show the dialog just once even if both toggles were changed
* force curl to build for XP
* report crashes on close of conditional formatting dialog
* slovenian example.xml ()
* start the flush timer when batching (PostBatchDraw)
* queryContentCells doesn't count annotations...
* sw: Exchange Database shouldn't delete the created odb file
* after insert note, focus cannot return to inputbar

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