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Plain Text To HTML Formatting Syntax

Writing with HTML is a necessity nowadays due to our dependence on the internet. It’s no longer enough for us to be able to write content, it’s also important for us to know how to publish that content online. Unfortunately, HTML coding doesn’t come easy for everyone. Markdown by John Gruber is a text-to-HTML conversion tool. This tool converts the formatting of your posts to HTML code.



Markdown requires the programming language Perl 5.6.0 or later, as well as its standard library module Digest::MD5. It is used with Movable Type and works with version 2.6 or later. Installing the plugin may be a bit challenging for people who are not technology savvy, but the installer file does come with a ReadMe that has detailed instructions on how to install it.

How It Works

Markdown allows users to write and format in plain text, making it easier for users to write and compose content without the pressure of learning HTML. This tool will then translate and convert the plain-text formatting to a valid XHTML or HTML code, ready for publishing online. As mentioned above, Markdown is primarily a plug-in for Movable Type, but it can also be used for Blosxom.

Format Easily

Markdown allows users to compose and format posts with ease. HTML is not for everybody, so having Markdown will easy users into the transition. Markdown does have its own formatting code to learn, but it’s not as complicated as HTML. So if you’re new to web writing or just want to focus on content rather than coding then Markdown is the plug-in for you.

Markdown 5 for Mac
  • Mac OS X
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Thursday, October 10th 2019
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