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Free add-on for Tux Paint

Tux Paint Stamps is a free software plugin for Tux Paint that lets you add stamps to your artwork. Tux Paint is a paint program that is specifically designed for children. While Tux Paint automatically comes with a small stamp collection, the stamp browser delivers a large library of additional stickers to use.

GIMP and Microsoft Paint are alternatives to Tux Paint. Since GIMP and Paint are not necessarily made for kids, both applications do not include a stamp feature. All the programs are available on Microsoft Windows for free.

What is the use of the stamp tool on Tux Paint?

Stamps allow you to put stickers on your canvas while you use Tux Paint. While the rubber stamps are only available as a separate download, the package is well-worth the installation in case you want a large collection of stickers to use.


How do you put stamps on Tux Paint?

The stamps populate into the ‘Stamps’ area on the right side of the user interface automatically after you install Tux Paint Stamps on your PC. In case you want to delete a sticker, then you can use the ‘Eraser’ tool in the toolbar on the left.

The arrows at the bottom of the column let you look through the categories. The stamp library includes real photographs and drawn illustrations. Up and down arrows enable you to browse through the groups.

Brief descriptions appear next to the penguin mascot to tell you what the items are when you tap on the stamps. There are also audio options are beside the captions to let you listen to the words. A scale allows you to adjust the size of the stamps when you click on a specific bar in ratio to the stamp size that you want.

The default stamp size is set to medium, which is represented by the bar in the middle. In case you want to change your stamp to another size, then you can change the level of the bar before you mark your stamp to either make the size larger or smaller.

How many stamps are there in Tux Paint?

While the original stamp collection that automatically comes with Tux Paint is not large, the Tux Paint Stamps plug-in includes hundreds of stickers. The categories are animals, clothes, food, hobbies, household, medical, military, natural forces, people, plants, seasonal, space, sports, symbols, town and vehicles.

Incredible addition to Tux Paint

Tux Paint Stamps lets you add an extensive number of stamps to the Tux Paint stamp library for free. The stamps browser lets kids use their imagination to create stories with stickers. The penguin describes each item with a short sentence to help kids understand what the pictures are of.

What’s new?

Since Tux Paint Stamps does not come with Tux Paint by default, the plugin does not receive software updates at the same time as Tux Paint does. However, the add-on does not require as many updates as Tux Paint.



Tux Paint Stamps 2022-06-04 for Windows
  • Windows 2000,
  • Windows Vista,
  • Windows XP
Available languages:
  • English,
  • German,
  • Spanish,
  • French,
  • Italian,
  • Dutch,
  • Norwegian,
  • Portuguese
Latest update:
Tuesday, September 27th 2022


Tux Paint Stamps for PC



User rating8


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