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Free Shogun 2 alpha game mod

Last Alliance: Total War Mod is a free game mod for Total War: Shogun 2. Instead of being based in feudal Japan, it enters the realms of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. It features campaigns where elves, dwarves and the Dúnedain face the evil Sauron in war. The timeline is the end of the Second Age.

If you enjoy strategy games or mods like this, take a look into RA3 Epic War Mod and Warzone 2100. At the moment, Last Alliance: Total War Mod is in alpha testing mode, so there’s still loads of development to come. So far, the upgrades and improvements look promising.

The wars in Middle Earth

It’s clear from the start that the developer of Last Alliance: Total War Mod is a massive Lord of the Rings fan. Total War: Shogun 2 may have been the bases, but there are many changes to showcase new maps that reflect Middle Earth. Some names you may recognise are Ered Hithui, Ered Luin and West Rhovanion.


Of course, two new campaigns reflect the maps and units. One is the Akallabêth campaign, and the other is the prologue. Since the mod is still in active development, there’s a chance we may see more stories added at a later date.

New animations, units and models

Since the developer had to introduce new campaigns and maps with Last Alliance: Total War Mod, it is no surprise that there are new features. You’ll find plenty of new characters and races, such as elves and dwarves. There are updated models, while you’ll also have different units per race.

Buildings and technology trees

Each side has a selection of new buildings for creating new units and armies. There are also technology trees where you’ll have to research to unlock new abilities and firepower. It’s exciting to watch the war unfold in this strategy game as your army becomes more powerful.

Taking the war to Sauron

Last Alliance: Total War Mod is an excellent overhaul of Total War: Shogun 2, bringing Lord of the Rings characters, units and buildings into the game. It features the final battles against Sauron set before the LotR movie, The Fellowship of the Ring.

While the strategy and combat elements are the same, there are new gameplay aspects that relate to each race. It provides a brand new experience for everyone that loves Tolkien’s Middle Earth.



Last Alliance: Total War Mod 0.3.0 for Windows
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Latest update:
Friday, April 15th 2022


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