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Interactive visual novel

A Pet Shop After Dark is a visual novel created by software enthusiast NPCKC. The interactive title has a scary theme supported by some creepy tunes. You'll go through the story as a pet shop manager who encounters unexpected companies.


Static scenery

While the artwork is nice, you won't go through that many scenes. The game takes you several rooms, each looking the same as the last. Unlike games like Open Your Eyes or Demon Kiss, there isn't much to explore. The developer seems to have spent a lot more time on constructing the storyline, which is also mediocre to begin with.

The playthrough is what you would expect from a visual novel, which is a whole lot of nothing. Reading seems to be the only executable activity here. Object interaction is often the main focus of these types of games, but APSAD is lacking in this regard.

A lot of bugs

Players who are in for only the story should feel somewhat compensated for the thirty minutes of their time. Other than that, almost none of the major components of the game actually work. Turning off the light is the key element of APSAD, but the result of this mechanic is rather disappointing, to say the least. The calling card also doesn't do anything. If you somehow manage to get to the end, there's a little surprise to make up for your patience.

Horror theme is lackluster

APSAD carries a pretty creepy tune to add to the horror atmosphere. Unfortunately, that's the extent of everything scary this game has to offer. It does have the suspense of a horror game, i.e. labelling your potential actions with warnings. However, all that ends up a waste when few of those clickables work at all.

APSAD does make sure you put some effort toward reaching the endgame, though. On top of that, it's free to play. For half an hour of gameplay and some good music, you can't really complain.

a pet shop after dark 1 for Windows
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Thursday, September 3rd 2020

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