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Farming and building! Township provides a fresh take on this tried and true formula of farming and town building genres. However, it is more than just a farming game with many other things to do. Playrix dug hard into the trends started by Farmville.


Cows are beauties

This game is a unique take on a genre that is filled with reskins. While not for the fast gamer, this farming challenge has unique features like building a zoo and competing against your friends for bragging rights. Township regularly adds new content, keeping it fresh.

When playing this title, you’ll be stunned by its aesthetic appeal. Although it’s not a perfect 3D rendering, it’s well done. This programme has an intuitive interface, and doesn’t feel cluttered like similar games in the genre. One small issue is that the building tend to be too big.

Timer dependent gameplay

The tutorial from the start is well done. You’re told the most important controls and necessary first steps to succeed at the game. Within three minutes, the bulk of the tutorial was done, and people could begin building their towns. However, with such a slow-pace of activities, it takes some time before anything new happens after the tutorial.

The gameplay itself is smooth. With seamless movements, the controls are not like your typical Farmville game which involves tapping on every crop. Township makes use of a sliding mechanic for resource gathering which makes gameplay easier on the player end.

Seasonal events and constant additions

The game is constantly being updated and patched with new seasons and colourful themes. The developers are also adding a variety of mini-games, so when you aren’t managing your town, you can take advantage of other faculties. You can also try your hand at mining to gather additional resources.

The customer support is very consistent for the app. Even if there are bugs, they usually solve quickly. Although this game is a freemium programme, you don’t have to spend money to enjoy the content.

Social media integration

The app pushes for some friendly competition and cooperation. You can connect to Facebook or send friend codes, to add friends. It’s a great feature, because then you can contribute needed resources to each other.

The more friends, the better the gameplay will be because you can help each other gain various resources, and send gifts. Overcoming challenges together builds a sense of unity in the game making a better experience.

Improved the farming sim genre

Although this game was built on the principle of patience is a virtue, Township offers engaging gameplay. If you games that you only play for ten minutes at a time, this is the game for you.

It retains the basic elements of others in the genre like Farmville and Frontierville, but Township improves upon them. If growing grain and constructing buildings is your favourite pastime, this is a must-have.

Township 7.7.0 for Android
  • Android 6.0,
  • Android 4.4,
  • Android 7.0,
  • Android 4.2,
  • Android 4.2.1,
  • Android 9.0,
  • Android 8.0,
  • Android 4.3,
  • Android 4.2.2,
  • Android 5.0
Available languages:
  • English,
  • Chinese,
  • Chinese,
  • Russian,
  • Italian,
  • French,
  • Portuguese,
  • Korean,
  • Dutch,
  • Turkish,
  • Portuguese,
  • Japanese,
  • Spanish,
  • German
Date added:
Monday, December 2nd 2019
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