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Download VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player 1.1.8

By VideoLAN.org  (Open Source)
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# Mac OS X Interface:
* New UI graphics by Damien Erambert

# Interfaces:
* Oldrc interface is again the default RC interface, on Windows
* Luarc, luahttp and luatelnet fixes
* Qt and Mac OS X fixes
* numerous Skins2 fixes, notably winamp2 skins

# Encoder:
* new libschroedinger-based Dirac codec encoder, faster than the current one

# Access/Demuxers/Codecs:
* Subtitles auto-detection is back for .txt files
* vod/rtsp server and rtsp input fixes
* mp4 demuxer improvements
* ogg, rstp input, video filters minor fixes
* taglib's replaygain is fixed for mp3
* vobsub support has an improved auto-detection
* fix a crash in malformed ape files

# Miscellaneous fixes in:
* Pulseaudio audio output, notably for usb cards
* Stacktraces are now limited in size on Windows
* Video resolution is now limited to 8192x8192, for security reasons
* Configure and build system improvements
* DirectShow and BDA build headers have been updated

# Translations:
* Update for Finnish, Galician, Dutch, Chinese, German, Japanese, Lithuanian, Slovak, French, Polish, Estonian, Brazillian Portuguese and Hebrew
* New icelandic translation