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# New:
- Images can be resized directly inside of your notes. Click an image and drag the handle in the bottom right corner to resize.
- Visual call-outs indicate notes that aren't syncing. These notes will be marked with a red icon in the top-right corner of the note snippet.
- Added keyboard shortcuts to make your workflow faster. Here's the complete list (don't forget to hit the spacebar to start a numbered or bulleted list):
* Start a numbered list: "1. "
* Start a bulleted list: "* "
* Create an unchecked checkbox: "[]" or "[ ]"
* Create a checked checkbox: "[x]"
* Add a horizontal rule: "***" or "---"
* Create a table with 3 columns: "[][][]"
* Create a table with 4 columns and 2 rows: "[][][][]x2"
# Fixed:
- Improved paste handling
- Tables pasted from MS Word retain their formatting when edited.
- Pasted images no longer break.
- URLs that include an "&" in the hyperlink didn't used to work. Now they do.
- There was a bug that caused some titles and tags to be lost during sync. We squashed it.
- Resizing the app window and the left panel no longer cause visual issues.
- Improved performance when switching between notes.
- Various Outlook Clipper bugs including:
* Attachments were being included even if none were selected.
* Sometimes only email headers were being clipped from Outlook 2013.
* Notebook sorting issues.
* Issues clipping calendar items.