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AIMP 3.60.1479

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By AIMP  (Freeware)

* Playlist: uniform playback of groups in shuffle mode is switched off
* Playlist: performance of the quick search has been improved
* size of offline cache have been increased to 1000 of tracks
* scrobbling occurs at the expiration of 4 minutes, if the specified of percents of track duration is greater than this value
* Fixed: Sound Engine - BASS - unable to play internet-radio under Windows 10
* Fixed: Sound Engine - meta-data parses incorrectly in some cases when playing the internet radio
* Fixed: Sound Engine - the application hangs if click pause and quickly close the program
* Fixed: playlist - player starts playback of other playlist after closing the playing, even if the "on end of playlist" option is set to the "stand by" value
* Fixed: Tag Editor - the "File Location" command works incorrectly with URL
* Fixed: Tag Editor - the "Information" tab is missing for the virtual files
* Fixed: Tag Editor - search the album art in Google / Yandex - query parameters are not escaped
* Fixed: Skin Engine - bugs with positioning of windows after change the screen resolution
* Fixed: Skin Engine - bugs with positioning of windows after restore it from minimized state, if skin has been changed before restore
* Fixed: Skin Engine - click on the album art display opens the miniature copy of image instead of original
* Fixed: Skin Engine - small bugs were fixed
* Fixed: Plugins - - an error occurs in some cases when trying to love / unlove the track
* Fixed: Plugins - - album arts search does not work if track does not have information about the album
* Fixed: Plugins - - album arts that displays in player and in the "Information about track" dialog of plugin are different
* Fixed: Plugins - - scrobbler message was sent before the end of track
* Fixed: Plugins - Simple Scheduler - alarm clock cannot play playlists that does not loaded into player
* Small bugs and defects were fixed